Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Amigas & Birthdays

I have always been one of those kinda gals who is a might on the solitary side of the social hierarchy. I have always been much happier as the steadfast owl then the cheerleader magpie. I am very happy when I can be by myself. This doesn't mean I like to be totally alone in my life. There are many people that are very happy to do Alone and they can do it well. I have learned the hard way that I don't do all alone well. But that doesn't mean I don't do, crave or need "by myself time" :) For me that's when my world is moving slow enough for me to really see, hear and feel it. That's when the inspirations raise to the surface of my conciseness and scream "Pick me Pick me" :)

Okay getting to the point. When we decided to moved to Mazatlan we knew no one here. And being true to myself I didn't run out to make all kinds of new friends. Even though we have been here just a couple of months short of 3 years I still have only a few very close gal friends. But two of them just happen to have birthdays in July. ;) One is Mexican and we met on the internet and have been Hermanitas ( little sisters) from the beginning. The other is an expat from the States. It's a bit harder to keep track of her because they are still cutting their ties to the Northlands, and careers. When all three of us are in the same place at the same time we try to go to lunch once a week. Soooooooooo as soon as we are all three here in Mazatlan we'll go to lunch and celebrate Jackie D's and Martha's birthdays. :) You never know might even be this week, well it could happen it's only Tuesday!!

For once I have managed to have presents made before the birthdays instead of having to make IOU cards :( I'm feeling rather smug about that let me tell you!! My usual MO is to be racing out the door with glue still drying :)

My Hermanita Martha is a very independent, intelligent, strong wife, mother, business owner and founder of a wildlife rescue and conservation organization. Martha like many women likes a bit of jewelry, just not to loud, or dripping in bling or pastel. So the other day I took her to the bead store and told her to pick out some beads for me to make her birthday gift with. Well she makes a bee line right over to the pearls that I have loaded up on the week before. She instantly is smitten with some beautiful dark blue that dances to different colors in different lights. She also picked out some iridescent clear crystal beads . If you look down you can see Annalise modeling the resulting necklace and earrings. :)

The center bead on the string of pearls and crystals is a rather plump cat. Martha has a soft spot for all things "kitty" Noooo she doesn't qualify as a cat person. They have 2 dogs and at any given time there could be ducks, pelicans, parrot, iguanas, etc. hanging out in the back patio, building up strength, so that we can release them.

On the silver chain is a pretty piece of mother of pearl that I found on our beach during one of my beach combing walks. Miss M like her jewelry in sets. Earrings to go with the necklace. That way she doesn't have to think about what to put with what when she is getting ready in the mornings. :) I put together a little pair that have a bit of sassy swing to them but not to long and showy. On the end I dangled a couple of kittens. Only these are a bit more regal and and swelt :)

I found a couple of blue glass beads for the ends that are a perfect match color wise with the fresh water pearls. Then I finished off with a double hook made from 20ga silver wire and had a happy boo boo. When I went to flatten them a bit so they would lay stacked on top of each other one slipped and both ended up being FLAT!! :) But I'm really liking it, the way they overlap and meld into each other. A Happy Accident

Now for Girl friend Jackie D. Miss J is an independent, strong, intelligent wife mother, ran her husband's law practice, and was every charity event in NYC's "go to girl" but is now retired (Yaa Hoo) But Jackie is not a jewelry kinda girl. What to do. When she is here which is getting to be more and more, we grab our books, towels and head down to the beach for an afternoon. I've been teaching her the fine art of beach combing. The thing is she needs to get her totes sorted out so she has ones for the different jobs totes do. So for her gift I made a small beach walking tote that just fit her thongs, change purse, and sunglasses, or camera. You know the things you want to stuff in a bag to sling over your shoulder so your hands are free. I used some of the old stand by manta (muslin like) satin stitched up the sides and then pulled a few threads kinda gives it the relaxed I don't iron any more feeling. On one side I transferred an old travel poster from the 20s.

On the other side I appliqued another travel poster. It's a French advertisement, but I love it because our Malecon (sea wall) has the same curve in the beaches as the poster. Then I made a little pouch that is attached to the tote. She can stick her coin purse of God forbid ( cell phone) in it. It's hard to tell in the photo, the print on the front is the one at the top on my post. I love it. It's the Three Amigas!! Of course I had to add just a little bit of jewel so the clasps are little shiny buttons I recycled off of a jacket :)

Okay I'm ready for the Birthday lunch now if the other two will just both be in town at the same time :) Sheeeesh the first time I'm on time and everyone else is farting around. Heck forget this turning over a new leaf business!! Procrastination rules!!

Have a most audacious today or tonight depending on where in the world you are ;)


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Well well, I would say that yr hermanitas are very, very lucky on their birthdays this year! WOW! Muy lindas creations!!!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

wonderful vintage image

wonderful photos

wonderful post!

(I still owe you a piece of art - would you email me your address again, please?!)

SummersStudio said...

These are such thoughtful and beautiful gifts. It's a wonderful thoughful post as well. Good freinds are such treasures. Enjoy your birthday lunch! And I, a solitary girl myself, really enjoy your blog.

mistie said...

So thoughful, so talented! What a delight to wear/use those gifts. Your friends must be thrilled! Enjoyed your writing very much. When life slows a little, I run to my art room and turn up the music. Ahhh. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your time with your lucky friends.

stregata said...

Pattie, those gifts are so beautiful and made with so much love!! Hope you don't have to wait too long for that lunch!
BTW, Annalise looks lovely in her lace. Miranda would like to say thank you for her kind welcome and sends her greetings to Annalise, now that she feels more at home.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Lovely necklace! I too tend to be a loner but need friends so I understand how you can be in a place and only have a few close friends. But wow are your friends lucky to have a steadfast owl like you! :-)

Enjoy the next lunch all three of you have together!


Coastal Sisters said...

BS....how lovely are these????? You did a wonderful job on both gifts. I know your sweet friends are so thankful to have you in their lives!

Didn't have much success on junking on this trip but I did get you some shells from our coast. Your love mail will be on the way on Monday!!

Love to you, LW and the Fur Babies,

p.s. Pass the sweet tea :)

Cindy said...

What lucky friends you have...the necklace set is so beautiful in my favorite shades of blue. Your photo layout is very pretty. And the little bag is so thoughtful too..you are one multi talented lady. Hope you all had fun celebrating!

Leticia said...

Lucky girls, those friends. Your jewelry is beautiful. I'm so excited to find your blog, you are living in one of my favorite places! We just returned from PV but we were in Mazatlan in '03,'07 and'08. -Hasta pronto-

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