Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Sunday Afternoon & I'm Sure Winter is Here

I should have known that if it snows in southern Arizona it's more then likely to be a bit cooler then 80 degrees here :) This morning we woke to winter. :( It was windy and the wind was coming off the ocean. We are 8 blocks from the beach so that most of the time we really don't get much of the sea breezes. Oh man we did this morning. And it was just a blowing papers off my desk. The curtains in our room were all poofed out :) Down stairs it felt like we had all the ceiling fans on excepting we didn't Jeez we even had to shut some of the windows. And then I had to put socks on with my sandals, which will guarantee I'm not setting a toe outside the front door. Oiy would the neighbor ladies have a huge huge fit!! :) I even spent time hunting for my sweater because I didn't remember where I put it away at last year!!

Sunday unlike today was a very lovely sunny day nice and warm and only a slight refreshing breeze :) LW and I decided we would throw our books in the car and set out for the surfer's beach at the northern end of town. The beach is called Playa Bruja (witch beach) Hmmm don't know why it was named that. I think a bit of investigating is in order :) For tons of years there was only a couple of cobbled together palapas that served some of the best and freshest sea food around.

But in the last couple of years as the resorts and condo developments keep moving ever north. Now the little dirt driveway is paved and across the street from the palapas is a strip mall with fru fru restaurants and souvenir stores :( We still love going up on Sunday afternoons because they are the best days to hang out and watch families playing and relaxing together.

Playa Bruja isn't much of a swimming beach because the rock shelves come up all the way. The surfers are just around the cove a bit where the waves come up over the rock shelves.

But where the papas are when the tide is out there are some awesome tide pools that are exposed :) That's when you go down to beach comb. We really don't have any real exciting shell creatures but it's still fun to go. Well now if you like oysters then it's these times that you would be in Heaven!! Sunday there were a couple of different family groups hanging out in the tide pools.

Ice chest on the rocks Grandma & grandpa sitting on little stools or up ended buckets. The young virile men in the families are out collecting oysters. When they have a good size bag full they make for the tide pool where papa is shucking the oysters and then passes around on the bottom half of the shell along with limes and hot sauce. Pretty soon all you hear is a lot of laughing and singing with under notes of oysters being sucked off their shells :) Oiy I know it definitely is an acquired taste :) One I haven't even attempted to acquire yet!! There sure is no 5 star restaurant with fresher tastier oysters on the half shell :)

Since oyster feasting was not on our dance card we amused ourselves with gathering "Mermaid tears" and watching the urchins and barnacles play.

I was so excited about the sea glass, because we have had NONE for months. :( In fact it's been a year, because I gave Mette and Joe what I had when they were here last January and I haven't found a piece since then. No large tropical storms last season nor the season before I guess.

One last little piece of info. Tomorrow is the last day for OWOH :( I have had a great time riding on the gypsy caravan and have met some really wonderful Bloglandians. But like all vacations it must come to an end. Hopefully Miss Lisa didn't get so burnt out she won't host it next year. But who could blame her, not at 911 participants !!! Yikes that's a lot. Way more then I got around to meet. So any way tomorrow at 10pm (MST) LW has been given the task to draw the winning number :) I think he was talking about the random number picker thingy. He loves anything to do with numbers and then throw in some gears and techie things and he is in hog heaven. :) I will post our little winner on Thursday morning and drop them a note to let them know they can do a bit of the happy dance in the kitchen if they want!! :)

Here we are at the end of another wonderful day just a bit cooler then most but still awesome!! Have an auspicious day or evening my Bloglandian friends depending on where in the world you are ;)


faerie enchantment said...

These beach photos are beautiful, absolutely beautiful, thank you for posting them.

Magic and Joy!

xashee's corner said...

oh those tide pools look WONDERFULLY FUN!! i sure couldn't do the oysters right there on the beach either but boy if you LOVE oysters, this would be HEAVEN! :) i absolutely LOVE those Mermaid tears though!! And ALLLL your photos!!
oh yes i have soooooooo enjoyed the OWOH too! checking 911 blogs over a few weeks time, was INCREDIBLE fun! looking forward to congratulating all the winners too! :)
i live in southern Calif. and we have had snow and freezing temps and harsh nasty winds! sorry they reached you too! looking forward to the warmer weather for sure!! Have a BEAUTIFUL day! :)

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

We ate raw oysters a lot when I lived on the bayou in Louisiana. They came from the Gulf, before it got so polluted. Just eat them whole, don't go biting into them or looking at what is inside.

Coastal Sisters said...

OMG I felt like I was there by looking at all the pictures. It was 72 here today! Can you believe it??? It won't last long though. The top of the pool water is still frozen....I took the cover off of one end and peered under there....frozen sold. I can't wait for spring!

Oysters = Serious Grossness
I could NEVER eat one.Icky.

LS &#2

Lisa "Oceandreamer" Swifka said...

I love the ocean and I love finding treasures like sea glass, heart shaped rocks and wonderful shells. Up north we went to a beach CALLED Glass Beach and I tell you it was a treasure trove. I want to go back again for more.
I am not a hot weather person so I don't mind a cool breeze. Sometimes it feels good to wear a sweater and socks. BUT give me a high of 70, blue sky and just enough breeze for a cardi and I am in rapture!!
Anyway, no burn out here...there will be another OWOH! I love that so many have loved the experience...and getting to meet new people....like you is the icing! (did you get my last email btw)
Jeepers this is a long comment!!

Castle in the Air said...

Oh the beach!!
I wish, how I wish.
Just wanted to check in and say how much I enjoy reading your comments, posts, etc. You brighten my day.
I've been so busy with the crepe paper that I'm behind on my rounds, not to mention missing out on much of the OWOH. Not so happy about that! I suppose I'll be able to visit them when things settle down. Does Lisa keep up the list of links for awhile?
Blessings to you in your sunny afternoons!
P.S. Gnome King is missed. Not sure who will marshal the magic now! Bandits.

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