Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Finally Here!! :)

Remember ages ago when I posted that I had signed up For Karla's of Karla's Cottage Valentine tag swap?? So I got all five made to mail off at the last day or two of Jan, so they would be there in time. We stuffed them and a return padded envelope into a nice big padded manila envelope took it up to Post & Ship blessed it and just to be sure rubbed my lucky faux rabbit foot over it :) And then I waited and waited and waited. I didn't give up hope mostly cuz I hadn't heard from Karla that she never received my tags. Some times we can send or receive mail within 8-10 days of mailing it. Sometimes it can take 2 weeks, and sometimes 3 weeks :( It kinda all depends on how the patron saint of custom agents is feeling :) Mail can also be opened and search at either or both borders. Our mail is carried up to Laredo once a week on Mondays. We can receive mail on MWF.

Finally on Friday all my patience payed off!! LW came back from the postal box with a padded manila envelope with our address printed on it in LW's hand writing, Woo Hoo :) But to make things even more special was this is the first swap I had ever tried doing!!! And boy am I feeling good about it. Even well planned out give aways can be stressful. You might have noticed I have passed my 100 posting and not done a give away ;( I'm not comfortable doing one until I know I have a "mule" that can carry it up to the States to mail it for me. Even when you think you have it all figured out it can go south. I thought I had my OWOH gift all figured out until the friend playing "mule" had to return to the States early :(

Jeez I think that's about all the whining I can tolerate tonight. Even paradise comes with a price. If this is the price for mine it's a darn small one to pay!! :)

Have a look at my Puppy Love Valentine tag book :)

Sooooooo how come all my pictuers are side ways tonight??? They were all right side up on the camera, and then when I downloaded them. So why now are they side ways?? Help just when I think I'm getting the hang of this some gremlin comes and pulls the rug out from under me!! :(

LW is up at friends condo watching the fireworks for Carnaval. I'm home pulling pup duty. So I better be signing off cuz when the noise starts I'm going to have 3 large dogs and two tiny ones all crammed under my desk ;( We do not like fire works. Ha and we live in a country that LOVES their fire works!!

Have a most audacious day or evening dear Bloglandians depending on where in the world you are ;)


Rustic Tarts said...

Pattie, it's not your photos it's our computer screens that have turned on their sides....LOL
Your tag book is wonderful.

Tristan Robin said...

It appears your first swap was a terrific success!

I've done - well - LOTS - of swaps, and I still get excited knowing that mail art is going to be winging its way to my mailbox!

xashee's corner said...

the tags look WONDERFUL! and that sounds like so much FUN too! :)
OH i finally figured a thing i can use for RABs!! clothespins! (bottlecaps are too hard to find! hehe) the wooden kind that pinch together, now i just gotta figure out HOW to decorate them! HAhaha! :)
Thank you for ALL that you share! Have an AWESOME day!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Such a pretty tag book from the swap!

One good thing about living where I do, in such a strict and humorless city -- no fireworks a-poppin' and terrorizing my animals. This is the first place I've lived with absolutely no sound of firecrackers.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Well you just had Christmas at your house, didn't you? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I wish I was there to toss back a couple and help you pup sit! I am good at that you know with the pack I have here. Tommy (the 100lb Labrodoodle) HATES loud noises and will poo in a heartbeat in the middle of whatever bed he can climb on if a storm brews up. We keep a careful eye on the weather so we will know when to barricade the bedrooms! Funny? Notsomuch :)

Happy Tuesday BS,
LS and #2

Charmingdesigns said...

I went in and changed things around...the big empty box is where the photos go for my etsy...but I don't have anything in there..I dont know if I delete it, if I can get it back...I'll play around with etsy and see...Love the tags...Laurie

Wildflowerhouse said...

Hi Pattie, I waited six weeks for a package from France and believe me they really riffled through it. I am still working on my bottle caps. Are you still having fun with them? By the way go to my blog I gave you a mention. Smiles Sharon

Castle in the Air said...

So much fun Pattie.
Never done a swap myself but it seems like exactly the kind of thing to make an ordinary day feel like Christmas.

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

I used to do swaps but the deadline always made me twitch. For some reason a "have to" date doesn't always work for me to have something completed and in the mail. That's why I prefer sending things out of the blue or as a preplanned giveaway.
Swaps ARE fun though, these tags are fabulous.
I would be frustrated by the mail situation...probably because patience isn't my strong suite when I send something and it takes forever to get there. Funny, I am patient if it's coming TO me though. Go figure!
When I see your package arrive it will be worth the wait and for me like having a special day all to myself!

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