Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some Large Steps & Some Baby Steps Today

Some of ya guys know LW and I live in a very middle class Mexican neighborhood. The nearest English speaking family is a number of blocks away and every once in awhile we pass each other when walking the dogs. The language spoken here is Spanish. Our neighbors are very patient and helpful with LW and my stumbling around and total butchery of their beautiful language, But if we wish to communicate with our neighbors it is done in Spanish. Actually it's more like Spanglish :)

We have worked very hard in the 2&1/2 years that we have been here to fit in and quietly be accepted as part of the neighborhood. We don't try to be Mexican and we don't scream, look at me I'm from the US. Because of this we are slowly earning the respect of our neighbors. We are now greeted by them as we pass their house or pass each other on the side walks.

I have read many of blog entries and news reports talking about the atmosphere and positive feelings about today's historic events. Now you would think that living in a foreign country in a foreign neighborhood today would pass by as any other. But that has not been the case. Today many of our neighbors have congratulated, and commended us for electing a person into the highest office of our land for his leadership abilities irregardless of his skin color. That our country has managed to raise above it's prejudices and move a small step closer to a more human society. Our neighbors have made a point of shaking our hand and telling us we should be very proud of what we have done as a nation.

On the surface that doesn't seem to be a very big deal, but really it is. Today our neighbors stepped out of character to visit in a very familiar way to the strange Americans. For LW and I it not only has been a historic day for our home country it has also been a day that we moved a bit closer to being accepted by the people of our adopted country :)

Have a most audacious day or evening Bloglandian friends depending on where in the world you are ;)


xashee's corner said...

Yes quite a day in history indeed! i believe, President Obama has somehow restored hope and pride back in this country, for so many people all over the world! so nice of your neighbors to congratulate you, remembering you are from US. Hope you have a WONDERFUL Wednesday! :D

Coastal Sisters said...

I have been MIA for two days....can you say Migraine? First one I have had in 4 years.

What wonderful neighbors that you have and I love the way you described yourselves as working to "fit in and and quietly be accepted".....with the grace that you posses, how could they not?

I hope you have a lovely day Big Sis :)


The Cutest Cottage Lamps said...

Hi Patti, I just found you from my fidgit and looked up your blog. I was surprised that you have already added me to your blog list! Thank you so much! I too, think that your doing your best to fit in with your new neighbors is a gracefull and lovely thing. Sad to say, people in other countries sometimes don't appreciate Americans because we don't try to fit in with our new surroundings (and people). I have had the same experience just moving from Calif. to Oregon...Oregonians don't especially apprecicate Californians, and mostly because they don't try to fit in their new place! But enough of that! Thank you for adding me to your bloglist and I will do the same for you! And i'll keep up with your blog! By the way, your new home looks delightful! Have a great week.

Castle in the Air said...

I got your comments!
So sweet. I'm glad you keep up with my posts - I still a little shocked someone actually reads them!
Speaking of...
I can't believe how flooded we all have been with OWOH visitors. I can't keep up. It has been so lovely to hear all these kind things and see the work of so many kindred spirits. I hardly knew!
The truth is that I've only gotten through about 60 of the blogs on the list and totally forgot to take notes on who I've visited. I was intelligently just stabbing around randomly... I have so much to learn. I haven't even had time to visit the people who have entered my giveaway. I kind of thought that I'd have 3 weeks to do 200 but the list gets longer and longer!!!
It is fantastic, fun, and totally overwhelming!
With my best from blessed rainy Berkeley,

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