Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mango Season Already & Date Night

Just a short little note tonight. I promise pictures of "Annalisa" in her young state and how she aged in a couple of hours. Also the picture's of the completed Wedding Journal tomorrow. I took them with our new canon and being a rather lazy girl tonight I don't want to do the editing thing :)
On with the title. With our new camera I took a couple of pictures of the huge mango tree in the neighbor's patio. And low and behold the mango trees are putting out their buds!!! They will bloom next month and then in June we will have the most delicious delectable, juicy sun kissed fruit of the Gods!! :) Our little state of Sinaloa is known for it's luscious mangos, plump red tomatoes, and spicy peppers!!!

Last night was Saturday night Date Night for us. Yes we do spend all day together, and yes we can go out to dinner or coffee or what ever any night the mood strikes us. But we have set Saturday night as our night to go out on a date :) We both know that it is so easy to slip into little routines where you start to take things and each other for granted. So from the very start we established our "Saturday Night dates". It's our time to be together to focus on each other and tune the rest of the world out ;) Last night we went down to the historical part of town where the original city beach is. We had dinner at out favorite Greek restaurant. Okay so it might be the only Greek restaurant in town but it still is very good. The owner /chef is a Greek- Mexican :) When he isn't to busy he will make Baklava (yum!!) So we had him pack two pieces to go and we set off towards Plaza Machado. It is one of the many plaza in town, this one is also in the Historical Center and has gone through a revitalization a few years ago. Now there are restaurants and the opera house bordering the plaza. Our destination was the little coffee bar on the square. On Saturday night lining the plaza square artist, mostly jewelry makers set up tables and sell their creations. What a treat fresh Baklava, coffee, and a little people watching for good measure :)

Another lovely Saturday Night Date!! Thank you dear LW :)

Do have a most audacious day or evening my Bloglandian neighbors depending where in the world you are ;)

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xashee's corner said...

Looking forward to seeing "Annalisa"!
oh and YUMMMMMMM on the mangoes!! The tree is BEAUTIFUL! Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL date night too! Hope you have an AWESOME Monday! :D

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