Thursday, January 08, 2009

Few Going Ons in Bloglandia

I'm sure many of us know who Venessa Valencia of A Fanciful Twists is. One of those very rare humans with a childlike imagination and the gift of translating it to her art. Like many of us her art is who she is ;) Like many artists her art is also her livelihood. She innocently entered into an "advertising" relationship with a web company called Polyvore ,as a way for more exposure to more people. Good idea you would think but.... as we all know the protection of copyright work doesn't seem to matter to some. It didn't take her look to noticed that not only the few pieces she authorized to the company where being used, but so was all of her work, appearing in digital collages many in very unprofessional, and even perverse "expressions" of "art". Venessa's is not an isolated incident. All over the cyber world any artist who has a web site or blog has become bait for copywriter infringements. Here is the link to Venessa's blog, please take a a bit of time to read her posting, and follow the links she gives that help to explain just how this "cancer" has metastasize to all of Bloglandia and all expressions of art :( When you are finished reading get very angry and then turn that anger into positive actions. Learn how you can protect your expressions of imagination, and do it!!! Spread the the news to other artists. Remember knowledge is power. Even as Artists we are not naive enough to believe that we can put a complete stop to this thievery however by banding together we can make it very difficult to steal from us. It is time to educate yourselves because right now it's "as easy as shooting ducks in a barrel" to steal an Artists Soul!!!

Okay moving on to a little more pleasant Bloglandian activities. :) Today is January 8th that means only 10 more days until One World One Heart begins!!! Run do not walk to Liza Swifka's blog and find out what all the excitement is about!! I hadn't moved to Bloglandia in time to participate last year but boy I'm sure going to this year!! What a most awesome way to meet all kinds of Bloglandian neighbors from all over the world !! :) along with maybe winning a give away or two!! :) And the coolest part is if you are unable to sponsor a give away you still get to meet and participate in this world wide extravaganza!!! So what are you waiting for go grab a button and get it posted!!

Here are a couple of give aways that might just be something you want to check out.

Kaari Meng of The French General is sponsoring a give away of one of The General's braceletkits!!! A beautiful winter white one :) If you have never visited her blog before grab a cup of tea and stay for a wee visit, guaranteed to brighten your day!!

Sharon of My Vintage Studio is sponsoring a great give away also. Actually Sharon does a monthly give away much like the one Karla of Karla's Cottage does. Sharon's this month is giving away the brand new Somerset In Love special issue Valentine magazine (yipee, yeah hoo, all right!!) yet the one we all have on our wish lists!! Lets see there's three right there!!!

A bit ago when I spent the afternoon skipping around Bloglandia I ran into "Chicken Little" and instead of running around fussing about the sky falling in she was pointing up saying "Look Oh Look, that's a real honest to goodness Castle in The Air"!!! Sure enough there it was and waiting for you at the top of the ladder is Karima Cammell who will invite you in to explore her most amazing Castle in the Air!!! Filled with all manners of gnomes, tree houses, star dust & glitter, and the most amazing vintage Dresden papers and vintage German paper supplies!!! Sooooooo very cool!!! You just have to go see what I mean, and be sure you take a pocket full of seashells to leave a little trail so you can go back to visit many more times!!!!! And when you get there please give my greetings to Karima and her gnome friends :)
Well it seems to me you guys are going to be very busy bees now that you have read today's news!! So all that is left is to wish all of my Bloglandian friends a very audacious day or evening depending on what part of the world you are in ;)


Anonymous said...

Fabulous info! Thanks!

Castle in the Air said...

Dear Pattie,
I just stopped by your blog to let you know that today I tried to answer your request for photos (I know they aren't great but it was 1 am when I took them!) .... and I found this amazing post about Castle in the Air!!
How generous and kind your words are. I am honored that you enjoy what we do and it is a great blessing to have such a fan.
We have a tremendous amount of fun but as you can see it is all motivated by the interest of customers and fellow artists.
All this to say that it is kind words like yours that keep us all going.

Also I wanted to add that I am very happy that you have decided to post your creations. I remember the first time I finally admitted it and called myself an artist (I think it was last year sometime) and how good it felt. I think sharing your work is kind of like that. You can't help who you are so you may as well own it!

With my very best.

Coastal Sisters said...

I was very saddened to read what happened to Venessa. I am going to pop over to her Blog and leave some kind words for her. After that I am going to visit the other places you found! I am trying to catch up on my Blog visiting today. I have been busy as a cat in a litter box this week :) Between pervs and faux tea cakes, no time for frivolity!


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