Friday, January 23, 2009

Sittin Spinnin

I thought maybe I should surface for a bit. I really am keeping busy actually I'm barely keeping my head above water, but then that's not really anything different :)

I have been making my Daughter a Wedding Plan Journal. She and Joe will be marring in November, in Charleston SC. That is a very looooong way from here. So I decided that A little planner journal might be a way for us stay a bit connected. Besides being the first born she is also my only daughter so this is a special time for both of us. Here is a picture of the journal almost finished just needs the fine tuning. I'll post the detailed tour tomorrow. I'm rather pleased how it came together :)

I also have been putting the final touches on the Puppy Love Valentine swap Karla is having. I have to get those to the courier tomorrow morning so they will go out Monday otherwise they will never get there in time

I also have been altering this rather nasty looking cupboard for my little art corner. It was one of those press board with fake wood grain paper jobbies. So I'm doing a bit of decoupage and froofing.

And finally.... this dress maker form I bought on eBay made it down here it's only out of the 50s and has always been in a box so she hasn't any character marks yet :( She's a little bit of a thing and will answer to the name of Annalisa :) However she needs to get a bit of age on her.
Okay I had pictures of these for you but Blogspot has put it's foot down and I can't get them on here tonight. Maybe tomorrow

So many projects and sooooooo little time :)

It's time for this little Bloglandian to say good night. Shhhhh LW bless his little heart has fallen asleep in the big reading chair. Have a most audacious day or evening depending on where in the world you are ;)


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

The wedding plan journal is terrific! Thsi olde dame wishes she had the talent to "scrap." And the Puppy Love ATCs are just a froth of loveliness.

Hope Blogger will let ye post the rest of your photos soon!

Coastal Sisters said...

I LOVE the journal! What a special thing to create for your daughter! I can't wait to see your dress form. I still have not named mine yet :)


p.s. no, I have not seen an email from you yet...try resending it again to and see if it will come through this time. (remember there is a "dot" in between coastal and sisters :)

xashee's corner said...

your journal looks AWESOME! how WONDERFUL a thing to have when it's done! :D looking forward to all your photos to come!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend! :D

The Feathered Nest said...

I love the journal Pattie!!! It turned out gorgeous ~ It was so neat, last night I'm looking at my new Romantic Country magazine and was looking at the letters to the editor and who's name did I see??? YOURS!! How cool is that?? Did you ever get to place your subscription with them? Hope you have a wonderful Sunday sweetie, xxoo, Dawn

Kana said...


Looks like you have been busy and way ahead of me. I am also participating in Karla's Puppy Love swap. I am hoping to mail mine out on Sat. Your tags look great!

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