Monday, May 23, 2011

Projects - Finishing In The Nick Of Time!!

Last Minute Millie here. Yep we leave for the Northlands a week from today and as usual here I sit with unfinished projects piled all around me! But I am whittling them down, really I am. :) I always have such grand expectations and goals, but then real life always seems to get in the way. Well that and the fact that I am the world's best "put-er off-er"  I did finish a couple of "art to wear" pieces that are for "me" At least that's the way they will start out. Although when I'm asked where I bought it, and reply with "I made it", the next thing I know it's being bought right off my body. Go figure??

 I bought this amethyst druzy along with 3 others from my bead guy. They were sooooo beautiful&inexpensive I couldn't pass them up. Probably because they are on the large strange shape size and had no holes or any hardware to use them as jewelry. I made a simple wire setting and bail with 20gage sterling silver wire. Then added a couple of strings of the prettiest blue aquamarine nuggets.
I can truthfully say that I do not own one piece of purple much less lavender clothing, shoes or accessories! Like pink I don't like the color nor do I wear it. Yes I know I'm being a bit unfair about this, but I'm sure you couldn't blame me to much. Consider the facts of being a rather thin,small boned,blond,blue eyed,woman who's name ends in an ie. Bring anyone to mind, hmmmm??? 
 I can only imagine how seriously I would be taken if I was wearing pink or lavender!

At least purple is dark enough to not fall into the "girly girl", fru-fru color wheel. Oh but this druzy is sooooo beauteous I just had to make something with it. But what color to put it with?? Yellow pink white, clear?? Ahh... how about aquamarine. That's blue isn't it??? I love blue it's my favorite colors!!! The only problem I saw with that idea was, not to create a necklace that looked like there was an explosion in the Easter Bunny's egg basket!! I tried to keep it a bit on the edgy side, with the rough shapes of the crystals the darker faceted colored amethysts and a bit of vintage brass chain.
Instead of making a decorative clasp I opted to use a piece vintage silk sari ribbon as ties. But never fear. I know how iffy silk is about wanting to come untied, especially where any weight is involved. So I have a little lobster claw disguised under the bow. :)
While we are in a blue frame of mind, I think I'll share my new little vestita with ya. I used a vintage sheer curtain for the body. It's nice and light weight, so it will be comfortable to wear through all but the worst of the summer. 
For the blue "ruffle" and edging I used some scrapes of this blue dotted swiss&lace cotton fabric. It was left over from a dress I had made a number of years ago. In fact the dress is hanging on the wall in my girly girl room, remember?? 
I tea dyed a set of battenburg lace valances. Then patiently cut the lace from the cotton valances. Then hand stitched the lace to the vestita edges. There is a large lace flower that bridges the two sides with a snap as a closure. BUT what is a vestita without a bit of vintage bling, I ask ya??? Why, certainly not one of mine. :) So there are 4 vintage rhinestone&celuloid buttons down the front. And a nice fat vintage rhinestone earring down on the flower bridge!
And just in case the collar was feeling a bit left out there are two old pearl and rhinestone earrings on each side of it. :)
 For me it's as important to play with details on the back of a piece as much as I do on the front. I mean at least 50% of the time people see you from the back instead of the front. Well we are 3 dimensional (most of us any way). So instead of gathering the ruffle I placed pleats in the middle of the back. Then topped them off with another large lace flower. At the center back of the neck and collar there is another huge flowing lace flower and off of it is hanging an antique dress clip. And boy oh boy has it ever had a long and hard life. The stones are yellowed and there is even one slightly dead one. Yeah just like the way I like it, the old gal has "character marks" like no other!!!
Back in a couple of day with a few more finished projects. See there is a valid reason why I haven't been around Bloglandia much lately!! Until then: Have a most audacious art filled day no matter where in the world you are.   p;)


LuLu Kellogg said...

Big Sis!

What a whirlwind of activity you have been in! That necklace is drop dead gawgus! (that's my drawl coming out!)

I leave for Texas a week from today so I am all a twitter here getting ready for that!

My weight loss hit 90 pounds this morning....I need new clothes in a bad way ....everything being held up by safety pins!!! Tee hee!

Off to do the dreaded shopping this morning!

LS, The Commander, #2 and all the Babies of Fur!

Esther said...

Hi !! all i see here is gorgeous:!! love the necklace, combo purples and blues is perfect!! and your clothing art?!! fabulous!! those little rhinestones buttons are lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Your drusy necklace is lovely, Pattie and your die for! Where will you be in the US? Can I send you something?

Jacque said...

Beautiful jewelery! Enjoy you travels!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Popped by to see if you were back yet Big Sis!!

Hope you come home have been missed!!


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