Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Life Filled With Dichotomy & A Fat Hand

Sometimes life conspires against you. Case in point: I am still here in Bloglandia although you wouldn't know it by the frequency of my posting of late. Why may that be?? Weeeeell first our internet has decided to play that ever frustrating game of hide and seek. We are never sure why our service does this. But it will spend days coming and going, sometimes with short comings and hours long goings. Eventually straiting out and flying right. Who knows?? Not us, however whenever we see a "Tel-Mex" technician  monkeying in the the main box at the corner you can almost bet something not so good will happen to either the land line or internet! "Be afraid, be very afraid" is the phase that comes to mind!! :( Add to that the fact that my left hand and wrist has decided to take a "heath leave"!! I seem to have developed a dandy case of cellulitis in the offending hand. Resulting in much rest, antibiotics, and ice. None of which is conducive to finishing all the projects for our trip to the Northalnds, much less typing on the laptop. The good news is the swelling and pain is beginning to subside, and the antibiotic therapy is nearing the end dose. The antibiotic is one that causes me to be quite nauseated...yuck! Okay, okay enough of the fat hand talk!!
On to dichotomy. I do truly love our life here and enjoy living in a foreign culture and environment then the I was raised in. I am truly amazed at  the incredible beauty the tropical environment creates in plant life. However that doesn't mean I don't miss many of the plants I took for granted up north. Like the flowers grown in a cottage garden. You know delphiniums,foxgloves, well all those flowers that depend on a cold winter to rest and recharge. During the the 7 months of our dry season the nurseries will tempt us with a number of them. Marigold,begonias,impatiens, and the like. So when I saw potted hydrangeas at the temporary nursery outside Soriana (a grocery store) I could not help myself!!! Wow and blue flowers to boot!!! 
How perfect is that for my girlygirl room, I ask you???? I'm sure you can't blame me for bringing one home, even though the chance of survival is slim to none.
Maybe I might be able to keep it cut back during the rainy season when northern plants perish from a tropical environment. And Maybe just maybe I can get the flower heads I already have to dry before they succumb to mold and mildew?? It's a long shot, but one I'm willing to try :)
As you guys know we have chosen to live in an all Mexican neighborhood. We did this because we really wanted to learn and live a different way of life, a different culture then the US. We never wish to turn this incredible country into a "little USA" like many fellow ex-pats are want to do. There are so many rewards for our choice. The greatest being that most of life transpires right out our front door. At this very moment I can hear a neighbor's radio playing beautiful old Mexican songs. The chickens, one of the neighbors down the street raises has a rooster with a mixed up time-clock and is crowing to beat the band. Or maybe it's because one of his harem has made an escape and is in the front weed patch of the empty house across the street sampling all the insect delicacies it has to offer?? At this time of day the bread guy comes down the street with his bike cart calling out "Pan" (bread) selling bread and pastries. Or how about the foot races the school at the end of the street sponsored yesterday.

What to do when you don't have the luxury of large tracks at the neighborhood schools?? Well all you do is block off the street with vans, mark off your routes and post people to redirect traffic.
Those parents and grand parents that can come, walk down the street to cheer their favorite contestants on.
They range from junior high girls in their pink!!
 To the real stars of the show :)
The kindergarteners!

I think I will take a hint from this little guy and take myself a highly needed rest break! This typing is murder on fat hands even if you only type two fingered!!
As I heal and finish projects I'll get them posted. But for right now I'm trying to be a really good girl and not put any stress on my fingers,hand and wrist. Maybe tomorrow it will be better...?, well one can hope any way.

Have a most audacious art filled day no matter where in the world you are.   p;)

PS. How rude of me to not give credit to LW who had the foresight to capture these photos. Thank you LW!! Yoar are the Bestest!!


Marty said...

So sorry you're under the weather-get better soon, OK? The pics of the kindergartener are priceless!

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Patti!! So great to hear from you!! I LOVE this post. What fun to see your neighborhood, where you live, the surrounding area. We should all post that. Very cool. I am so sorry about your poor fat hand, girl that's not good. I wish you a fast road to recovery, so you can post and visit more. I've been so absent lately. Where does the time go. Glad you liked the photos I posted, making that little roll was so much fun, didn't know i could do it! Love the idea of washing burlap, do you dry it in the dryer? Or air dry it? Cool. Take care, Riki

stregata said...

Sorry to hear about your hand - sending get-well-real-quick-wishes with the wind...
Love your hydrangea - one of my favorite plants - but they don't do so well in my garden - the winters freeze them down - or maybe the voles eat their roots, I don't know. My neighbours don't seem to have any problems with them. Hoping yours will last...

LuLu Kellogg said...

I hope you get better quick!

Sending love to you, LW and the babies of fur!

LuLu, The Commander, #2 and our furbabies!


Vitt hus med svarta knutar said...

Hi Patti!
OMG how I love the kindergarteners, that little boy is so sweet in his outfit. Sorry to hear about you hand and wrist, as you say, you have to be a good girl and rest.

Your girly room is very nice, you have a lot of nice things in there and you have decorated it beautifully.

We have had problems with Internet too, but that is because we live in the countryside and had thunderstorms that shut down the connection.

Wish you a quick recovery and nice days!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Pattie,

Found you on Chez Fifi... a comment left by you. Great town you're living in. We've worked in the area and been to Guadalajara several times. We did stay at the Camino Real but went around quite a lot. It is always a treasure if you really get to know the people. Not as a tourist but like you, living in-between the locals and like we did, working with them.
Enjoyed your blog and follow you, even though you don't have the follow button on the sidebar.

Lots of love,


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