Friday, April 09, 2010

While Waiting to Heal

I gotta tell you this has been one long rather boring week. I have been a very good girl patient and have put all projects on hold. My wrist is on the mend but way to slow for this girly!!! Even typing sessions that go beyond 75 words have to be done in sections will lengthy rests in between. :( This ol nurse knows that by exacerbating the injury I will prolong the healing time and may cause long term joint damage, but my fingers are sooooooo itching to play!

With a week without projects there isn't much to post about. so I'll warn you this post is going to be a bit low on the interest meter, heavy on pictures(hurts less to post pictures then to type), and poor subject flow.

Did ya notice the dragonfly in the title picture?? LW and I decided to go down to our friend Toni's shop for a bit of a hair trim. A fresh hair bob always perk me up :) Toni has this "tree" he made from a big branch that he decorates with the seasons. He always make the "ornaments" and they are never the same. This past late winter tree he created these way way cool dragonflies!!!

He made the wings from 20 gage craft wire he sprayed painted black. You don't think we get any color wire here do you?? :) Then he stretched a stocking over the wings and stuffed the body with a bit of batting. He finished up by painting the body and wings. This one is one of the smaller ones and it's about 8+ inches long and 6+wing span. I thought they were soooooo beautiful I asked him if I could have one when he redecorated the tree. He is such a generous, gifted artist (and he gets it! Yea a kindred spirit!!) he sent me home with this one!!! I have it placed so that the breeze from my fan (thank you menopause!) makes the delicate wings flutter.

I've decide that this one is a girl dragonfly so I should come up with a name for her. How about some suggestions you guys??? I also think I heard her say when I was taking her pictures that she would love to have just a dash of iridescent glitter on her wings. I agree so tomorrow I think we'll do a bit of glittering. :)

Since our bead store has closed and we don't have any traveling bead shows I have been ordering beads on eBay and depending on ever faithful, gracious, and loving "mules" (thank you Deryn) to bring them down. yesterday Miguel's parents came down to visit and muled a few strings for Miguel and I.

As much as I would love to buy all my beads from the etsy stores, the economics just don't allow for it. SO I found this seller on ebay who makes a good fit with my demands. I wanted someone in the States, with a good selection, excellent prices, photos and descriptions matched the delivered product, 100% positive feedback and most importantly superb customer service.

I really love the earthy rustic feeling when I use stones that have a few inclusion, or veins of minerals, and just are not perfect. This order we focused on nice large 15-20mm rough cut garnets, and the warm earth tone tourmalines. To my mind you can never have to many of either!! :)


We also pick up a few strings of turquoise. I had a few from the order Deryn brought down so I just added a couple of different sizes. I can't say it's one of my favorite stones but I'm thinking with the right piece of green patina focal and it could look really awesome. Besides turquoise seems to be selling quite well this year, and I think it would be fun to play with some of it with copper. I know Helena doesn't have any pieces at the shop so it would be fun to see if it would sell.

At times there are rather plain crudely strung necklaces featured. Some times there are beads that I looking for in the mix, and it's cheaper to bid and buy the necklace then it would be a string Such is the case of this Amazonite, citrine and keshi pearl necklace. I wanted the pearls and Miguel took the other stones. Worked out perfect for both of us! :)

Okie Dokie kids my wrist has had about all the typing it wants tonight so I think it's time to go cuddle up next to LW and do a bit of reading. Meanwhile remember Now is always a perfect time to make a bit of art no matter where in the world you are  p;)


stregata said...

Poor hermanita! I am feeling your pain! Well, actually, I am feeling some pain of my own - I have been working in the garden this week and I ache all over! I hope you will be getting the beads I originally sent to Deryn for you soon! There are some garnets in there...
Hope your wrist gets better soon!!!

Deryn Mentock said...

I love the pearl/turquoise combo. Heal quick so we can see what you do with your muled strings!

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Well you poor thang. I think rest is the only thing that can effect a cure, so REST those wrists! Also, maybe wrap them up for support?

pam q said...

Ooooo!!!! I want to play with all your new stuff!!!

Isn't it the pits not to have a bead shop close by????

I am leaving soon to visit my Mom---there are THREE bead shops there!!!!!

Guess what I will be doing?!?!?

Beth Leintz said...

Pattie- I feel for you- it's so frustrating to have to take time out from our projects because of a crafting injury. Hope your back to your jewelry soon.

Vitt hus med svarta knutar said...

I am sorry to hear about you cilly wrist, what crazy idea to give you pain, when you want to do so much fun;-) Really hope it gets better soon.

About pain, my legs hurts after five hours at the Garden exhibition. We, my husband and I visited the exhibition to get some ideas about how to build a green house. We need one to extend the outdoor season here. The ultimate wish is to have a green house that is frostless in wintertime. Then I can store and grow flowers all year around. But, as my pictures show, we had a lot of inspiration.

The beads you show is fabulous, what big Garnets!! As you say Turquoise is very popular this year, both in fashion and home decoration. Amazonite is one of my favourites. Here I send you a link to one of my best webstores, I do not know if she ship abroad, but I get a lot of inspiration only to look at the pictures.

The Dragonflies were amazing, name???..."Miss Esmeralda" and she loves glitter.


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