Saturday, April 17, 2010

The 2010 Spring Collection :)

I think because I don't have to make my clothes creating&sewing them has become a wonderful way for me to let my spirit play. With fabric and sewing notions so inexpensive the only thing that prevents me from having an entirely new wardrobe every year is when I don't create it. So about twice a year I go through my closet and donate a large chunk of my clothes, and then have a great time sewing up a new and different wardrobe. You know sleeveless for summer and short sleeve for winter :) Martha and I have a group of women we donate our clothes to. It's a perfect relationship. Things don't hang around in the dark corners of our closet going unworn for very long because we pass them along to the next group of women that can get a bit of wear from them. Then they in tern pass them along to another group of women. As Miss M says it's the Mexican way, nothing ever goes to waste, things are used,reused,and passed down until there is nothing left to pass on.

Since I was grounded from playing with wire while my wrist healed I decided I'd spend the time sewing this years "Spring-Summer Collection" Would you like to see a bit of it???? Well if you don't no worries I'll catch up with your news when I "come a callin" on your blog. 

SO let the fashion show begin. Okay but I have to warn you things are a might on the simple, casual, unfussy side here at La Casa Paradise ;) That being said the executive decision was made that skirts this season will be short,


Noooooo not that short, just above the knee short. There is no sense in scaring small children and pets with the site of these "yams" Well at one time they could have been call "gams" but that was many miles of hospital floors ago!!! Now they sorta do resemble (except for the color) yams!

After a while plain tees and tank tops get to be a bit boring. Sometimes they just need a shot of personality to wake them up

Don't you agree if you add a bit of zip to the coming you should add just a bit to the going???

This little skirt is a recycle from last year. I was in my long skirt period and this puppy decided to shrink sooooo for this year it received a bit of reconstructive surgery. :) Also someone must not have worn their art apron while playing with coffee&tea dye :( No worries add a pocket is my motto. Course one needed to be added to the bottom side to sorta balance things.

This skirt was also long last year, and I made it to go with one of my all time favorite tops. This is a vintage hand painted top that will live at mi casa until it disintegrates. I figure when I can no longer wear it I'll hang it on the wall as art!

I am totally smitten with making my little "vestlettes" You know it's not a vest, and it really isn't a shrug, or a crop top it's it's a...vestlette :) Yep I invented a word. Anyway, this top has made it through 2 winters and I was never sure why cuz it just never fit. The sleeves never fit this monkey armed girl, and it always hung like an ever so becoming sack!

Off came the sleeves, and the bottom half of the top. Then a bit of vintage lace, fabric, a couple of vintage chandelier prisms and waaalaaa a vestlette :)

Ohhhh but my favorite part is the amazing vintage rhinestone pin that my dear little sister Renate sent me!!

This is the vestlette I made to replace the one that ran away from home to live in Texas with Deryn. I didn't have anymore (and neither did the fabric store) of the beautiful tulle with the embroidered violets. But I did find the same pattern with blue,red and yellow flowers.
Warning: Annalise decided to play the primadonna today so her understudy was forced to step in.

I found this lace tucked  behind a bunch of lace and fabric in the back of a dirty shelf. It stared out in life as white, most likely for wedding gowns. But by the time I found it, it was a nasty color of grey. :(  Gave it a bath in some tea&coffee, Actually all the fabric took a swim in the "coffee cup"  I love the way the different threads took up the dye in differing degrees!! I added a few garnets for buttons just cuz they really make me think"vintage"

And  that my dear Bloglandians concludes this year's collection!! Besides my patience has worn completely through. Blogger has been so slooooooooow this evening that I think I've been working on this post for hours!!! No kidding what is up with it sometimes?? At this rate it will be time to do the winter collection before I get this one posted!!
 I bid you all a lovely goodnight and remember, NOW is always a perfect time to make a bit of art, no matter where in the world you are.  p;)


Cindy said... are amazing!!! Picking up with sewing while you are taking a break is the perfect match for you. I LOVE your vestlettes, you know. You have natural talent and your Spring Summer creations ROCK! I especially like the back detail...just as pretty from the back as it is in the front.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Those vestlettes and clothes of yours are lovely. I am refusing to sew anything until I lose weight. You're already so slim and pretty, tho, the perfect model for your creations!!!

SummersStudio said...

Gorgeous! You are so talented. I love the vestlettes. This makes me want to get my sewing machine out but I'd have to find the top of my dining room table back first.

LuLu Kellogg said...

I love everything....I think you should submit something to Altered Couture magazine...I just ADORE the necklace with the heart locket.

When is Jackie going to Texas again? I have a love box to send you :)

Love to you and LW and babies of fur,
LS, The Commander, Apricot, Babie, Tommy, Olivia and Harlow AND #2!

stregata said...

Your new collection is such a statement!!! Love those garnets as buttons! Your vestlettes are so neat! Looks like you are all set for the summer season!

sewing the seeds of love said...

Wow..I love what you have done to nake your vestlette :) Very inspiring.
I now want to go thrift shopping just so I can find some thing to transform into a vestlette too !
x PJ x

pam q said...

You make me *a.l.m.o.s.t* want to give up my plain old t-shirts and jeans with your new collection!

Cool details---especially like the vintage bling on the back! And the dangling stones on the back of the necklace!

Riki Schumacher said...

OOOOHHH Pattie. Lovely, just lovely, and so creative. Hope your arm heals soon, went through the same thing cutting metal with shears! LOVE that vestalette or whatever you call the sweetie. It is too cute. Well done. I need you here to redo so many of my "oops" pieces of clothing. But I bought a sewing machine, so look out! Hugs to you, Riki

Anonymous said...
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xxx said...
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Mollye said...

Hi Pattie, I'm swooning with delight and getting lost in your creations. I'll be back often. Happy weekend, Mollye

Esther said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh wow!! beautiful Pattie!!!!

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