Sunday, October 25, 2009

You Did It!!!!

Remember the song in My Fair Lady that Pickering and Higgins sing after the ball? "You Did It"

Tonight, old man, you did it! You did it! You did it! You said that you would do it, And indeed you did. I thought that you would rue it; I doubted you'd do it. But now I must admit it That succeed you did. You should get a medal Or be even made a knight.
Well that was the song playing in my head when the last stitch went into the last piece of material of the VERY last beach/grocery tote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And with 59 hours to spare!!!!!! :)
I even finished up all the projects that I know of !!! I made this little charm bracelet for Lindsey, Dylan's mom. Type writer keys in D and C (for Christan, Dylan's half brother) See the two tiny pieces of sea glass???? Have I told you before how cool my Dremel tool is?? :)

I wire wrapped a sterling heart locket on the bracelet and placed both little boy's pictures in it. A added a couple of dark blue and cream colored freshwater pearls. I rather pleased how it turned out.

For my little girl who is getting married which will add a new branch to the family trees braiding hers to Joe's to create their own, I made she and I matching pendents. To me there are no better symbols of growing through life gracefully then a smooth piece of sea glass and a lovely cream colored fresh water pearl.

I decided to participate in a last minute exchange sooooooooooo I put together these earrings. A little copper & sterling wires, a few little garnets, and moss agates They are a nice length and move so gracefully.

For a challenge to create a piece of jewelry with out using jewelry tools, techniques, or pieces bought at a jewelry/bead/craft store I made this pendent. It's a crystal prism and brass chain I bought at the hardware store. I decoupaged an antique map on the back. I dug through the jewelry graveyard drawer and found a matador and a Chinese water carrier pins, and a glasses holder pin. Removed the pins off the back used links from the chain as jump rings and hung the ex-pins and crystal to the eye glasses and then strung the chain. Wah Lah a necklace is born :)

I'm going to say good night Bloglandia. We leave Tuesday morning (yeah the day after tomorrow) and we haven't started to pack yet!! Will catch up with you guy's when we get to North Carolina come Wednesday :)
Until then have a most audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you
are. p;)


stregata said...

You have been incredibly creative, sisterfriend! Beautiful pieces, that is for sure. Have a safe trip! And remember to take extra hankies...

Esther said...

pattie!! you didi it!! beautiful bracelet!! beautiful necklacessssssssss with hearts!! i love them sooooooooooooooo much!! and yout earrings are a little poem!! more more more!!

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Oh my goodness! When did you have time to breathe? Wow, you've been busy and everything looks so great. I love that sea glass necklace. It's beautiful!

Cindy said...

Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful, that charm braclet is sooo special and sentimental. I love the necklaces and the new earrings.
Good luck with the packing and I hope you have a safe trip. You'll be so close - NC to VA.

Narrative jewelry said...

Lovely creations Pattie, love the hearts in sea glass, so cute, and the delicate bracelet.

Have a nice trip.


Tristan Robin said...

lovely creations - good on you for getting so much accomplished!

have a safe, but exciting!, journey to carolina!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Oh my have been as busy as a cat in a litter box!! Aren't you glad it's all done?

I hope you have a wonderful trip!!

Love to you, LW and the Fur Babies!

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