Friday, May 01, 2009

I'm Home & It's MAY DAY !!!

I spent my first night at home last night, it's May Day, and JP is on the mend!! :) We spend 6 days on a real roller coaster trying to keep her Blood Pressure down and her Blood Sugar level. It was a struggle but we were just stubborn enough to win :) Now all we have to do is keep her bones stable and her healthy while the bones knit together. JP had large doses of radiation 4 years ago as treatment for her cancer and it has left her bones a bit soft.

It's May Day, and International Labor Day a national holiday for many countries. Mexico is one of those counties. Mexico's government like most of Latin America is a form of Socialism. The people have the right to public protest. Yesterday one of the large main intersections in town (just a few blocks away from our house) was closed to traffic. There is a new dam and reservoir project to be built for the city. When it's completed and opened it will flood and destroy a number of old and historical villages. These are Ejito lands (basically the land is owned communally by the village) These villages were promised a partial payment no later then April 30th. No payment came so they were making their presents known. These are people who historically have been made promises, had their land, homes and families taken away from them then told to go along or build a larger cemetery. Now when a promise is made and not kept they can become a force not to be ignored.

So what did you do for May day??? Dance a round the May pole,

put on your prettiest Spring frock,

Galliano 4 Doir

bring tons of flowers in from the garden, weave buttercup chains, fill a tussie mussie or baskets with lovely flowers and deliver them???

When we were growing up my Mum use to help us make construction paper baskets, we would fill with flowers from the yard. Then early in the morning we would deliver our May baskets. We would sneak (well we thought we were) up to the door hang the basket on the door, ring the bell, then run and hide. This was one of the first traditions I taught my kids. We would make plans weeks a head. How to make the baskets that year, what to fill them with, and the most important decision who to gift then to. :)

Since it's a tiny bit hard to send you all lovely May baskets, I found this old video to share with you. Way Way way back in the "olden days"... 1967 the musical Camelot was released. Gads I loved that movie!!! I had the "original soundtrack LP" Oye I think I played it so many times I wore flat spots in it!! :) I knew all the songs. There is one titled "The Lusty Month of May" and till this day I go around humming it every May Day (yep really!!) Sooooooooo in this wonderful age of utube I found the song, but not only the song but the clip of the movie with the song!!!! Yeaaaaaa :) Now sit back and if you were born before say before 1960 enjoy an old memory. If you aren't old enough to have even been a glimmer in you mum's eye, sit back and enjoy a little piece of movie history that can't help but put a smile on your face. And I dare you not to hum the song for the rest of the day :)

Have a most audacious today or tomorrow my Bloglandian friends depending on where in the world you are ;)


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Bet you are so glad to get back home. Nothing like your own little bed and things around you to truly relax. Glad your friend's bones are starting to heal. You were really a lifesaver for her, a true friend.

Didn't do much for May Day, did sweep alot and watered some outside. Mainly watching over my kiddo.

Those poor people who got cheated in your community. I bet they are the Inditos. Those guys always take it right in the shorts.

Tristan Robin said...

You must be so glad to be home.

I'm hoping you are wearing that pink frock around the house today.

Tracy M. said...

We had to watch Camelot in my high school British Literature class. I loved it, and let me tell you it's really embaressing (sorry I just can't spell it) to cry in front of all your classmates.
Have a great weekend!
Tracy M.

June said...

I loved your post. I'm glad you're able to be back home. Isn't it lovely to come home after time away? When I was little my mother also helped us to make our May baskets to take to all our neighbors. Thank you for helping me remember today.
Hugs, June

Grandma B said...

Hello my blog friend. Thank you for the video, which I have never had the pleasure of viewing B/4.

My thoughts were on you when we were hearig of the H1N1 virus..are you and yours alright? Much has been made of it here in the states, and was wondering how you are doing?

Happy Cinco de Mayo to you!!!!

Grandma B said...

Oh my goodness...I just read and digested your profile....a PhD in Investigative Psychology..

My daughter suffers from Schizophrenia and I am a member of NAMI, vice-president of our local affiliate. This is a subject near and dear to my heart.

Have you ever looked into Schizophrenia? I would be interested to know your thoughts.

So I guess this H1N1 hype is "Chicken Little, The Sky is Falling." It's good to know that....just wash your hands, and cover our mouths when we sneeze..where did I hear that many, many years ago from MY MOTHER !!!!

Anonymous said...

Hola Pattie,
Glad to know your friend is much better!
We are fine, I've been feeling way too blue to post, hope to feel better soon.
Hugs from PV,

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