Monday, March 08, 2010

Two More Finished :)

I have two more necklaces done. Along with those everyday mundane things you do. Remember all those patterns of clothes I cut out a couple of weeks ago??? Well there have been no little sewing faeries show up in the middle of the night to sew leaving completed projects on my sewing table to find in the morning. :(

courtesy of the House Of Elwand's Fairie-ality collection

I made this one really (really) long so you can either wear it hanging down in all it's glory or comfortably wrap it around your neck twice.

I used small bright blue glass beads for one row, and I strung a row of labradorite chips to hang the focal from. I hung a pewter butterfly from the focal and tied a scrap of iridescent silk on as a thank you for the beauty she creates with her cocoons. For the clasp I used one of those old abalone watch face rings. Remember back in the olden days (the 80s) when you could buy those lady's watches with the different colored face rings???? Well that's what it is. I think it works much better in this role then it ever did on a watch. What do you think???

I don't know what this amazing stone is. In the picture you can't see the wonderful iridescence in the different shades of blue. The black is as deep and bottomless as a glacier lake on a night with no moon. I bought it at our little bead store when it was still open. When I asked the clerk what kind of stone it was, I got her pat answer of "quartz" along with a conspiratory smile. It was always a running joke to call anything we didn't know the name for "quartz" :)

This necklace is a bit reminscent of Martha's bird&nest necklace. Only this time I used white-ivory freshwater pearls and 2 dark pink rubilites. Yup pink, See I can use it (in small doses) when it's for someone else. :) I don't have a problem with pink I just don't care to share my "space" with the color. Surely there are some of you out there that have slight aversions to certain colors???? Come on, come out of the closet I can't be the only human, artisan, girl who has a problem with a color. And I'm almost sure I'm not the only girl who's pink crayon never lost it's new crayon point???


Instead of the bird and watch case as the focal  I used on Martha's necklace, I made a bird nest with bronze and copper wire and 3 little pearls for eggs. Attached it to a cute vintage shy blue pink colored glass heart. Then flying above her nest is a little bird charm I (oh yeah you know what's next) dabbed a bit of raw umber and burnt umber, for a nice patina finish. :) Finished it off with a bronze and copper wire wrapped clasp.

And that concludes our tour for today ladies and gentlemen. Besides I'm pretty excited cuz LW is bringing home this WAY WAY cool and old (read amazing character marks) produce bench. I must have it for a work bench!!!! You all know exactly what I'm talking about, now don't ya. It just oozes with stories of the people who have worked on it!!! :) That's the awesome part the not so awesome part is LW has his doubts it will fit up the stairs where my Little Creation Station is. :( So with my cheerful can do personality I say it's going up there even if I have to cut the legs off and reattach them. :) Stay tuned pictures and the rest of the story the next time we meet.

Until then remember kids Now is the perfect day to make art, no matter where in the world you are  p;)



Hello Pattie,
nice that you find me by Regina and that you will be on my GiveAway, soon it´s time to make a winner! Lovely jewels, you really have the touch!

Elin :)

sharon said...

Hello Miss Patti!! I left you a message, no worries honey!

Your creations are gorgeous, I love the earthiness to them....they are rusticly charming, my favorite.

stregata said...

Just gorgeous. I do believe that big focal is a labradorite! When are you going to show us the necklace with the heart?

Cindy said...

Hello are in a creative flurry (as usual!). Your new necklaces are all so gorgeous...but I think my favorite is the one with the heart and 2 strands of eads. You brought back some memories...I had one of those Gucci watches which had changeable disks...and I still have it. Would you believe, last year Colin's Powell's wife was sitting under the hair dryer across from me at a salon, and I noticed she had that exact same watch and is obviously still wearing it!

Charmingdesigns said...

aaaah, colors. yes, amber is my color of aversion. Pink does run a close second. Your necklaces are wonderful. I can hardly wait to see your table. I saw the most beautiful old petite work table, that has my name all over it, at Anthropology, to bad it is close to $2000.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Hi Pattie! "In the trade," we call anything of glass QUARTZ! I think you have a nice piece of dichroic glass there! Very lovely and yes, desirable for jewelry, no one's getting taken because that is usually very spendy art glass!

Just like "cherry quartz" and "lemon quartz" are almost never naturally-occuring glass, but is lab-made...I like it just as much!

You are as busy as a bee there...what's Spanish for bee...api? I should know that!!!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

so busy and prolific! lovely pieces ... you'll be the hit of the exhibit!

Esther said...

beautiful work my dear patty!! love the big dark blue stone!! wow!!

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Pattie, so great to hear from you again. Love your beautiful necklaces. Haven't you been busy while I've been away. Yep, another notch on the belt for me, feels good to earn some stripes in the national scene. And you were dead right about the boxes, time to make more I guess! Take care little art sister. Hugs, Riki

Diana said...

Your new pieces are lovely Patti. I especially love your bird's nest. It looks as though a sweet house finch will soon take up housekeeping in it with little chicks soon to follow. I look forward to seeing your new workbench. How exciting!
Ta Ta

Beth Leintz said...

You girls that work with wire amaze me- I love that little nest.

pam q said...

Beautiful, beautiful!!!

How do you get all this done???

Oh, your pink comments crack me up! I have been thinking about doing a post on my "dislike" of pink.... I have my box of crayons from 4th grade and the pink one is about the longest one. I already had some pictures taken when I read your post and was thrilled to find a fellow adversion-to-pink person!

May I mention your post when I do mine?

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