Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Messure of a True Artist (or Artisan)

If an Artisan's dedication to her art is judged by the amount of bodily damage she sustains pursuing said art, then I have enough to fill a gnat's coffee cup!! :) I was doing a bit of sanding on a old watch case with my best friend the "Dremel Tool" when the next thing I see is a puff of white dust followed by an odor not unlike the smell when you are really doing a major nail filing job :( Hmmmm my little brain thought as I pulled the dremel from the case and saw my thumb sticking up.

I managed to stop within that very same gnat's eyelash before the dremel hit my somewhat softer skin. I guess you can easily see the damage that was done to my meticulously manicured hands huh????? EEEE GADS the things we have to suffer for our art!! :)

I'm coming down to the final stretch of pieces for the sale Friday. This piece is my non-pastel nod to spring and Easter  I used chrysocolla heishi beads for one string and added a few copper glass beads for a bit of a break.  The other string is little vintage black glass beads.

For the focal I used a nice large carved green turquoise cross.

Created a nice simple clean clasp with copper and silver wire.

Put it all together, it has a bit of Southwestern feel without weighing you down with heavy stones and silver.

I think it's perfect for the season and not a pastel Easter egg kinda color anywhere! :)

I did a bit of modifying to the necklace I made with the pewter and resin Virgin of Guadalupe focal. Well actually I redid the whole thing. One of the strings of beads Deryn "muled" down for me were these amazing 5mm faceted tourmalines. I teamed them up with a string of heshei garnets. Ohhhhhhhh soooooo to die for!!!!

I moved the clasp to the back and replaced it with a couple of big rough cut garnets (can you tell I'm having a bit of a love affair with garnets and tourmaline??) Added a bit of bling to hang down in back and finished it off with a little hessonite garnet.

Instead of wiring or adding a jump rings to attach the focal I used a little old fashion chain closer. I'm sure it must have a name but I have no clue what it's called. I cut off the original soldered rings on each side of the top used to attach the focal. Then I soldered a ring in the center top of the focal large enough to slide both strings through. Tied a bit of sari silk for a bit of a finished touch. 

Ya know the first edition turned out really great but I couldn't help myself when the new garnets and tourmalines showed up it's like they were made for each other.


You know the original attracted a lot of attention but with these stones, it's really hard not to notice especially the way the stone colors really complement the colors in the focal. I do know one thing and that is this piece is not going into any old Art sale!!! It's mine mine mine!!!! I just feel good wearing it!

Soooo there is now only 5 days (counting Friday) until the big sale day. I think except for maybe one more piece and a bit of fine tuning on the others pieces I'm done making jewelry for the sale. Now I better do a bit of work on presentation, merchandising and tags. To say that I'm not as anxious as kid on the first day of kindergarten would be a lie, cuz I'm all that and more. Remember this is the kid that has never shown much less sold any of her work!!! Yikes, don't think about it, don't think about it, don't think about it.....

So while I'm not thinking about "it" you guys have a nice start of the week. And remember now is a perfect time to make a bit of art, no matter where in the world you are   p;)  


stregata said...

You have to watch out with those power tools - but I manage to do that to my nails even without using them!
Love the necklace - and I am so sad my stuff hasn't reached you yet...
I hope you do take lots of pictures next Friday - I am so excited to see your first collection!!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

wow - everything just gets better and better. It's true - when you get on a roll, the creativity really starts to flow!

Love that first necklace with the chrysocolla heishi beads - whatever those are! LOL

You're a demon with a Dremml, eh? Be careful! Haste makes pain!

Cindy said...

I'm so excited for you with your first art sale....I can just feel your excitement and I know I'd feel the same - just about giddy! Your new jewelry pieces are incredibly gorgeous...I especially love your Virgin of Guadalupe piece and was wondering if it was for sale....until I read that you are keeping it for yourself! I'm not surprised at is really a keepsake and one I'd hold on to for sure. :-)

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Hi, it's me, the gloomy donkey Pattie, watch out, don't get too nervous about this sale! The economy is BAD all over and down your way too...don't get bummed if people just mainly admire. Selling or not selling is NOT a reflection on the worth and beauty of your artistic creations!!!

pam q said...

Glad your finger is still mostly intact and attached....

Beautiful work!

Good luck with your show and can't wait to hear all about it!

Don't forget your camera....

Charmingdesigns said...

Your necklaces are so beautiful!
Nice manicure hee hee

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Oh, these are amazing pieces. Be careful so you'll be able to make more gorgeous creations in the future ;)

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