Wednesday, March 03, 2010

My Most Amazing Little Sisters!!!

First a little update. Martha and I decided to postpone our debut in the First Friday Art Walk until April. There are just toooo many glitches that need to be worked out to be ready for this Friday. The last thing I want is for us to be perceived as a bit of "bleach bottle art" at the highschool bazaar. That coupled with the fact that the public half of us (Martha) has a conference 90 miles away from here on Friday. She should be back in town in plenty of time unless..... This would not be good cuz I don't have a visa that allows me to sell my work. :(
Sooooooo we are going with April as the perfect month to launch. Besides it gives me more time so that there isn't a table with a mere 8 pieces on it. :)

           Now my Little Sisters. I know I have waxed endlessly about the wonders of joining the Bloglandian family and all the gifts of love,acceptance&support along with friendship freely given by everyone. Every time I think I have seen or experienced the ultimate examples of this caring, I find that I seemingly have not come close to the depth my Bloglandain family is capable of!!!

          My most amazing and generous friend Jackie D has graciously allowed me to use their Texas address to have things sent to. Because they have an elderly family member living in their Texas home Jackie and El travel up to the States every couple of months, and bring back stuff. They returned home yesterday with a load of beads I had ordered over the last 2 months. Ohhhhhh but along with that were the most incredible love parcels from Art Sisters. Want to see???? You will not believe all of this!!!!!!

         My little sister Laurie (Laurie's Charming Designs) she was the very first blog I commented on. She also held my hand and encourage me to create my own blog. Laurie started experimenting with TtV (threw the viewfinder) photography. I thought it was so cool and look like tons of fun. Small problem though I have no access to the old Brownie top view cameras that you use. :( So without telling me until she had it in the mail she went a junkin and bought me a camera of my very own!!!!

Isn't she a beauty???? I can't wait to start playing!!! Right about the same time I  had told her that my hunt for paperclay or for that matter any no bake clay when we were in the Northlands had been fruitless. I came home with some very strange compound by crayola called Model Magic Fusion. The stuff never completely dries hard. Besides having a most icky texture that is impossible to mold. The only clay I can get here is either the old modeling clay, (yep that greasy not drying clay of our youth) or Play Doe :) Well guess what was in my camera parcel??? YES way cool not 1 but 3 packs of different kinds of clay. One is a pack of Sculpey since I'm sure I'm the last artist in the known world who has never used polymer clay, Okay sooo I'm a bit behind. But heck I managed to earn a couple of degrees, and write a couple of text books without learning to use a computer, much less know how to type :) Ah I digress Anyway just because I mention I couldn't get something my loving little sister sends it to me just because!!!!

Oye what wonderful fodder for this girl's imagination!!!! Then there is a wonderful little parcel from LeAnn (Summers Studio) Oh gosh we all know the most amazing ceramic/clay beads that LeAnn makes!!!! I have so lusted for some to play with. Well the last straw was when she created her little unglazed white birdie beads!!!! I'm sorry but you can tell just by the picture how absolutely sensuous, silky smooth they feel. This is way to much of a temptation for the tactile person I am!!!!!! I HAD TO HAVE SOME!!!! So I sent an SOS to LeAnn and had her airlift a couple of birdies to Jackie D's days before they were to leave to come home :)

But LeAnn the most wonderful generous giving little sister she is also included her heart and other beads. Look one is the adorable nest and egg bead she makes!!! And and she also sent me a nonbead birdie I can leave right next to me at my desk/workbench so that I can have a tactile fix anytime I want!! :) Way way to cool!!!

A couple of months ago I won little art sister Esther's (Mes illusions baroques ) giveaway. It was a beautiful cameo focal she had created. Since she had to send it all the way to the states we decided we would trade each other a bit of Junque from our countries. So in my parcel containing my cameo was such amazing
 & wonderful things!!!

Vintage lace, and doilies,tassel book and this incredible pickle fork. How did she know I love small ornate & baby silverware??? I can never pass up demitasse spoons or pickle forks or tiny salt cellar spoons!!!


Oh but that's not all, there are vintage mother of pearl buttons, old French post card, vintage glass beads that Esther created small focals with, a match box, and an incredible altered tin

And in that tin was the altered cameo!!

I have to show you what was at the very bottom. It's a vintage nope it's actually officially over 100 years old (1909) making it an antique pattern and instructions for making very fine ornate lace!!! Oh it's sooooooo way way amazing. Both sides and it's huge like poster size when it's completely unfolded. I told LW we need to take it down to the glass shop and have a double sided clip frame made for it!!!

So I'm thinking you can completely understand that I couldn't manage to get all my wonderful gifts given in pure friendship and love opened without crying. Now I can't say that I never cry and since the whole Shhhh (menopause ) passage I do tend to cry a lot easier, but I'm certainly not a blubbering kinda girl. I couldn't claim that this time. I was sooooooo very overwhelmed with all the love, care, and support that is shared with my kindred spirits. But the most amazing part is, it's not just these 3 little sisters it's all of my little sisters, and the incredible little brothers (yep that's you Tristan &Mike C) When I stumbled into Bloglandia I not only found a group of people that finally not only "get it" but understand what "it" is :). I also discovered a most unbelievably wonderful family!!! There is no way I can possibly be able to thank you all for all that you have shared, given and done for me. It truly is a very humbling life I have. I can not think of anything that would make life better then what I live right now :)

On that note I think I will tuck Woodcock into his little nest and tuck myself into my little nest. Nope that's not a typo. When my boys were the "little boys" they use to call Woodstock Woodcock it's  just always stuck. And although he's not yellow he sure has a wonderful comforting effect. So kiddles it off to bed for me, just remember that now is the perfect day to make art, no matter where in the world you are  p;)


sharon said...

Hi Patti! I too have been blessed beyond words with the graces of the blogland community and friends, including you! I have failed to come her and thank you at the countless times(always) you have supported me in my flighty endeavors, and encouraged me with whatever I am doing. That is a gift that cannot be seen or touched, but has touched my heart more than you will ever know. I will try to do better.
You treasures are amazing and I am green with envy!! I was looking over some of your older posts and I am in amazement at your multitalent!!

Charmingdesigns said...

Yippeeeee! Look at all the fun and beautiful goodies you received...I cant wait to see what you do with it all! Thanks for sharing all your photos. Love that lace pattern.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

What a terrific trove of treasures you received ... lucky girl!

I didn't know you were looking for paper clay. I would have been happy to send some down. You gotta give a shout out for this stuff!

I know all-too-well the generosity and kindnesses of the Bloglandia citizens. I have received morale and artistic support, enthusiastic friendship, and some rather remarkable and exquisite gifts since I began blogging. To paraphrase Ethel: There's no people like blogging people!

And you're one of the friendships I appreciate.

Now, take some pictures, lady!

stregata said...

Soooooo awesome - you got some really cool things. Yes, blogland is full of generous and supportive precious people, you being one of them! That TTV camera is way cool - I have been wanting one myself. Go figure - my husband has all sorts of vintage cameras and stuff, but not one of those. So I will have to keep looking at the flea market. Can't wait to see your pictures.

Anonymous said...

what wonderful friends! the goodies are to die for!

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Honey fren, send me that addy where I can send you some things!

Esther said...

you desserve it so much Patty!! i have your treasures too.. near of my.. your bag is amazing.. just done for me!! soso beautiful!! LeAnn.. is the most talented "clay- girl " ,i think!

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