Friday, March 19, 2010

A German Pansy Takes Root In Mexico & Advise Please

Last Fall-Winter you might remember (well that's if you were stopping by my little Bloglandian digs then) that my little art sister  Renate of Put a Little Magic in Your Life and I exchanged parcels of junk stashes. I know I got the long end of the stick on this deal. Renate sent all kinds of treasures she had found at the flea markets in her little part of Germany. One of the pieces, was this excellent red and yellow enameled pansy focal. I combined it with bright red and rose rubylite beads. No I'm sure they are rose and not pink!! Because we all know that I have a life threatening..well maybe more like bordering on huge allergy to anything PINK. Soooooo we are calling the lighter red stones rose!! K?? :) In between I spaced cute propeller type yellow with a bit of white... stones, I don't know what kind they are but I know there are rather lovely and the clerk at the bead store didn't know what they were. Therefore we decided they were "quartz" Cuz well it's just a good catch all name. For the clasp I used a cute vintage rhinestone 3 leaf clover earring. I added a bit of antique-ish brass jump ring chain for a bit of a relief from all that "rose" color! :)

I'm not a big fan of the matchy match necklace/earring sets. But I do know that lots of women are so I made a pair of earrings that could be worn with the necklace or not. I added just a bit of vintage sari silk to them. Ever the rebel and to cut down on the "cute" factor.

I made a couple of other pairs of earrings. One pair is made with some nice light yellow citrine and dark garnet beads.

The other pair is made with cobalt blue African trading beads and some kinda vase shaped amber colored (that quartz kinda) stones

Now I need some advice please!! When you kids are creating and selling your jewelry for art fair type venues do you sell necklace sets?? You know earrings and necklaces as a set??? Or do you sell the necklaces by themselves, Then sell earrings that could easily go with the necklace by themselves. I really don't know what to do so could you guys maybe take a minute or two and tell me what you do. And then if you do make earrings and necklace sets do you make the earrings as artzy or labor intense as you do for a pair you are making as a stand alone piece of jewelry??? Uuugggghhh I'm so confused and don't know what exactly works. PLEASE HELP!!!!

How about I give you a little time to leave me a few comments with your thoughts. While you are doing that I think I'll grab the new Belle Armoire Jewelry a cup of tea and head off to my comfy bed for a good read. In the meantime remember kids NOW is a perfect time to make a bit of art no matter where in the world you are 


stregata said...

Love what you did with the flower! Just lovely, specially with those rose coloured stones. BTW, those amber colored stones with the blue - are likely carnelian. I don't know what works best for others, but I usually don't sell my necklaces with earrings in a set - unless I only have one pair of earrings that will really match, because of stone colour or some unique element that I cannot procure again.

Miss Muggins said...

I'm not a fan of matchy matchy sets, but plenty are. I LOVE the beautiful necklace you have made, especially with the quirky touch of the clover. Hope you have much success selling your beautiful creations. Wish I could buy one...

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

really fab necklace!!!

sell them separately - if somebody wants them both, give them a 10% reduction on the earrings, to make it a "set"

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Set some up as sets, some not. See which the ladies gravitate to!

Rustic Tarts said...

I'm another one that doesn't like the matching earring/necklace sets. I would offer them separately.
They look great, you clever chook!

diane said...

Well.....I sell my necklace and earrings separate, and I definitely don't like the match thing! But, you probably know that about me =)
p.s. great job =)

pam q said...

I'm not a matchy matchy person either. But it sure seems that some people are and I get asked all the time if I don't have some earrings that "go with" that necklace or bracelet. Maybe it is a mid-western thing???

So, usually the only time I sell things as a set are when I only have enough beads/stones/whatevers to make a pair of earrings that will "match" that particular necklace or bracelet. Otherwise, I just try to have several different pairs made up that kinda go with the necklaces and bracelets I have done and let them pick and choose.....Hoping that they might pick two

Love your "thing about pink". I feel the EXACT same way!!!!!

sinnlighet said...

Your blog ..... it's amazing and soooo inspiring. Nice to find you!

A small footprint from Agneta & Sweden

Ps. I have an ongoing jewelry contest on my blog. Welcome! Ds

mairedodd said...

i make them all separately... but when displaying will put them near to each other... if a customer chooses to buy both, i give them a discount..

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh Pattie, just hop on a plane and come on up to CA for a class!! We'll leave the light on. And you can stay with me if you want to. The offer stands.

Love your beauties. Tough question about the earrings and making them. Hmmm. I'm not a HUGE fan of making earrings, but they are time consuming. I am guilty of not putting enough time in to them I think. I have more fun when I make each pair different, guess I get bored with making the same twice. And I try not to do matchy, but some ladies like that, and want me to match a necklace exactly. So I'm thinking, it is just a matter of preference, no right or wrong. I agree with Marie and Diane. I like to thing "coordinate" materials works. Happy creating art sister. Riki

Cindy said...

Hi Pattie
I rarely make in my case I don't make matched sets. I have been asked in the past to make earrings to match a necklace though, so I really do think a "matched set" appeals to some. It's amazing what appeals to one person may or may not appeal to the next person! Seems reasonable that the earrings would be a more "simple" version of a necklace though to really put it in the spotlight as the center of attention. Your new piece is beautiful...and see, pink (er, I mean rose) is a nice color after all!

Esther said...

beautiful Pattie!! love the necklace, so romantic!!

Roy said...

Congrats on the new grand baby. They are very fun no doubt. Drop me a note back. I had kind of lost track of you and have been hoping that all is well there.
Roy from Kuna.

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