Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Playing With The Camera & A Give Away

Just in case you have noticed that over in my archives I have run a bit over my 100th posting, I noticed also :) I decided that my 100th posting giveaway will be next week. Why?? Well because I will need a "Mule" to carry my giveaway parcel up to the States and then post it to the winner. We have a "couple friend" headed north on the 15ish, and they will mail it for me. Sooooooo I think I'll post the giveaway on Monday (the 9th) to the 14ish :)

But I can tempt you with a Delicious giveaway. Tristan of Enchanted Revelry decided to celebrate his 50th follower of his blog with his first ever giveaway!! If you haven't stumbled on to his blog by now you need to go a callin. Tristan is the most amazing quilt artist. Very non traditional designs. You won't find a wedding ring or any other traditional quilt pattern in his work. He uses bright happy, feel good colors and loves to put turns and bends in any straight line that comes his way :) But that's not all, he relaxes by making awesome vintage paper theaters, they drip in bling and Dresden trims it's enough to make a girl swoon ;) But that's still not all he also makes lovely tussie mussies, which of course also sport more sparklies then the two Gabor sisters together :) I mean just look at the Tussie Mussie he is giving away!! So what are you waiting for get over to his blog here and sign up and don't forget to read all of his blog, you'll come away with a good giggle for the rest of the day :)

Hopefully you didn't take me to literally when I sent you to Tristan's blog before you passed Go. Cuz I have a couple of pictures to share. They aren't to much really, but I have been practicing. You know down the right side of my blog where I have the Blogs that inspire me?? Well just below those is a list of "eye candy" blogs. These are some of the most beautiful blogs from Sweden Denmark, well actually pretty much most of northern Europe. These Bloggers not only are gifted artists & decorators, they take the most amazing photographs of their homes for their blogs!! I'm in total awe. First they have mastered the French/Danish country decorating style and make it look warm and inviting. Second their whites are always really white!! That would only be a pipe dream for me with 5 furrie critters bunking in with LW and I. But the thing is I've made up my mind that I want to take pictures and have them look like their's. All I have to say is it's a very good thing that we live in the digital age, otherwise I will run us into the poor house with all the pictures I've been taking :) Surly you know what I mean, take 200 pictures to have 3 that are keepers!! Here are a few I took this afternoon out on the patio. I hung the little ivy heart wreath I made for spring on the old white metal door out on the patio. And then just snapped away. Yep I know I've got a long way to go, but some of you I'm sure can remember the first photo attempts when I was a fresh blogger. Remember ?? Yep I am sloooooowly getting better.

I'm off to bed. LW picked up the new Somerset Artist Cafe at our postal box today and I can't wait to get to drooling:) Have a most audacious day or evening my Bloglandian friends depending on where in the world you are ;)


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Halloo dearie...that Tristan is something else!

Yer photos are very nice indeed! It takes a bit of time to figure out these cameras. I like that ironwork on yer patio, what a great focal point.

Coastal Sisters said...

You are doing a fantastic job on your photos! I am still futzing around with my new camera trying to figure it all out (and yes, using colorful language and all)....Duh!

LS & #2 xoxo

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