Saturday, March 28, 2009

NEW BABY PICTURES!!! & A Couple of Giveaways!! :)

I'm sure you will agree that I have one of the most amazingly beautiful Grandbaby that has ever been created. Well I didn't say the most. Only because that little saying kept playing in my head, you know the one "Pride goeth before the fall"?? :) Hmmm look at this picture both Dad Peder and Baby Dylan share the same haircut! :)

And to this Mom-Grandma they are both " as cute as bugs ears " They both have those cute cheeks my Italian Grandmother loved to pinch just before she kissed them :)

A very quiet Saturday around our little Casa.
I did a bit of Blog visiting and ran across a couple of giveaways. And just what kind of Bloglandian friend would I be if I didn't pass them along to you?? So here's what I found
Ki at Junk Camp is having a cool giveaway it's a sterling silver chain and charm with a crown and the word junk stamped into it. I love it, and if you ask LW or my kids,
friends or slight acquaintances they will all tell you that I am the JUNK QUEEN :)

While there spend some time at Ki's blog. it's all about junk like of a junker and tons of make do projects. Very Cool!!

When you are finished playing around in Ki's blog you need to head over to Kristin's Retro Cafe Art Gallery blog. Some of you might know her e-store website Retro Art Cafe. She has some of the neatest clip art and altered art supplies. She also has a really good selection of bisque doll parts and frozen Charlottes. :) But her giveaway is full on all kinds of paper art goods.

This last on isn't a giveaway but it's one darn good sale. This one is for you Tristan and anyone else who has a slight or full fledged Dresden Paper addiction. My very awesome Blogging girlfriend Karima who just happens to be mistress of the fantabalous Castle in the Air, in Berkley Ca. is having a store wide walk in sale. For those of us that have to walk a might to far, her online store has it's Dresden papers at 30% off and free shipping !!!!!!!! Run those fingers over the keys don't walk is my advice :)

Nuff for now kids, tonight is Saturday and you know that means it's DATE NIGHT ;) Have a most audacious day or evening my Bloglandian friends depending on where in the world you are at ;)


Miss Muggins said...

Oh Pattie, What cute boys you have!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Thanks for the heads up - but I already ordered LOL. They have an email newsletter which gives notice on sales. And Dresden scrap is so damned expensive any more!

Don't you just LOVE Castle in the Air?! I especially love the opening 'splash' page of their website...gorgeous! If I ever make it to the other side of the continent, they are high on my list of places to visit.

Dylan is simply adorable. Why is it that photos of dads with babies are so incredibly special?

Hope you had a good date night. ;-)

xashee's corner said...

Your grandbaby is PRECIOUS!! and thank you so much for sharing the giveaways and sale info!! LOVE blogland! :) Have a WONDERFUL day!

Tracy M. said...

OMG what a cutie, I love babies!
Your Chihuahuas in their sweaters crack me up. They are really cute too. Thanks for the great blog and giveaway referrals. Have a great week,
Tracy M.

Karen said...

He is so adorable!! Aren't grands the most wonderful thing in the world. Congrats a little late.
Karen K

Beth Leintz said...

Your grandbaby is amazingly cute! I just want to pinch those cute little cheeks- I bet he brings a lot of smiles to your family!

Charmingdesigns said...

I am so thrilled you told me about Castle in the air so I could visit!! Sweet Baby!!! Laurie

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