Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Carnival Soiree & A Give Away

Picture courtesy of Lemax Collectibles (The Side Show)

Today is the Carnival Soiree at Lisa's blog Faerie Enchantment This has been one jam packed week for me. We have friends who will be driving north on Monday morning. I have been working like a mad women to get all the projects done that I need to have mailed out. Remember me the gal who relies on "Mules" for her mail service?? ;) Anyway since my attention has been focused in other areas I haven't made my Carnival outfit :( No matter why don't you head over to her Soiree and enjoy a bit of fun!! :)

Mexico in a lot of ways is like the Western developed countries where in the late 50s-60s. There are still quite a few "Family owned Circuses" Therefore especially during the dry season we will have a circus come to town every month or so :) Lisa you would love it here. You finally might get your fill of the "Roasters" life :).

Because these are small businesses with very small advertising budgets they depend on word of mouth that they are in town. Well that and they will drive up and down the neighborhoods with the circus wagons of exotic animals. Just like they did when we were kids. Well that would be when some of were kids :)

One morning we look out the window to see what all the loud announcing and music was about and darn if we didn't meet a tiger and a camel eye to eye so to speak :) Did we have the camera??? Of course not who would have guessed?? Life is never boring here!!!!

Jann of the Vintage Heart is having a giveaway to celebrate her one year anniversary of blogging. She has made a lovely Spring Trifle for her gift. I would suggest you head over there (here) and congratulate her and register for her Giveaway :)

Now it's back to painting, gluing, sewing and packing, only have 28 hours left to have this all packed and ready !!! Have a most audacious day or evening my Bloglandian friends where ever you are in the world ;)


Geralyn Gray said...

Wow---these were some great circus photos--we had one that came to our town for a couple of years. What was cool was we didn't have a party planned for when my twins turned one, but we walked them to the ended up being a great way to celebrate their birthday.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

FABULOUS photos!

...and I'm totally lusting after that side show toy at the top!!!

Great post - thanks for sharing!

Lydia said...

Love the pics and info! What fun you must be having!!

Have you seen Mr. Unica the clown???

faerie enchantment said...

I am enjoying your carnival soiree so much, these photos are beyond fabulous, so vintage and chic, love it. This whole post is wonderful and I'm leaving with so much more magic!

Thank you for attending the soiree, I hope you had loads of fun!
Magic and Joy!

Tumbleweed Trails said...

What fun it would be to have so many circuses coming to town. Loved all the pictures.

Whim & Fancy Designs said...

Ohhh...i LOVE your LEmax!!! Superb!!
xoxox, Ann-Denise

Christine said...

I love these images of real circus carnivals and lucky you~you live in a beautiful country! Hope you have a fabulous weekend with your friends:)

xashee's corner said...

i LOVE your photos and thank you so much for sharing the FUN too! :) oh your apron (previous post) is LOVELY!!! :) Have an AWESOME day!

Sabii Wabii said...

I can't even imagine having elephants walking down the middle of the street! I love the carriages and how they were all decorated. I love that you always put the cultural spin to your posts. How long have you been down there for and is it for good?

Charmingdesigns said...

My fingers and toes are crossed so your goodies will arrive in tact! Laurie

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