Monday, September 06, 2010

Wanted: A Small Ark, Preferably Vintage :)

Did you know that September is the peak month for our rainy season??? Well I suppose if you've been reading my blog since last September you might have read that interesting fact from one of my postings. Well let me assure you that this September will not go down in the records as a dry month!! Ohhhhh no not here any way. It has rained every day for a week. Now mind you it's not one of those all day sorta rains. Nope ours are more like strike hard , loud, and fast. These are the rains that have the amazing electrical storms with them. Sooooo awesome, sooooo cool to watch until a bolt reaches out to kiss the transformer on the pole four houses down! Or when there are 4 firkids and two humans packed in together in 3 square feet. It's this time of the year that it rains faster then the drains can handle, and the low spots around town begin to look like swimming pools. Look this is one of the beach lifeguards. See his little red buoy behind him. He musta figured he'd get to work faster by doing the breast stroke!
Mazatlan like many coastal cities world wide was built on a lot of drained and filled mangroves&swamps. So that it doesn't take to many years before there are parts of the city that are lower then sea level. Sadly these are the areas that flood first and actually quite often. Boy and those areas are all over town. Not just in the poorer neighborhoods. There are a number of gated, "I'm so rich it wouldn't dare flood here" areas in the resort end of town, that are singing "If I had a hammer I'd build me an ark"... 

Many of the poorer neighborhoods that are the first to flood and get the most water are the first ones the army checks on after days like yesterday and today. They will go from house to house to be sure that there aren't any elderly or infermed folks trapped in their homes. 
But for the most part it's all taken in stride. This is the rainy season it happens every year. Everyone has their little game plans ready. Neighbors will swing into action whenever needed. We all keep our water tanks full, have backup batteries for the flash lights, and plenty of candles and matches stashed around the house. You never know when the power decides it's time for a siesta. Schools aren't cancelled, businesses open as usual.
Once the storm passes the drains can keep pace with the water, people haul out the mops and buckets and everyone good naturedly pitches in. "Hey have you heard is it suppose to rain tonight??" "Good chance"

Okay I'm off to see if I can find some really cute yellow duckie curtains to go in the ark's powder room. I hope you guys have an audacious art filled day no matter where you are in the
world  p;)
PS. In case you were wondering nope we don't have a lake in our living room. Actually our little neighborhood sits on a bit of a hill so we seldom get more then a bit of water that blows in from the patio or laundry atrium. :)

PSS. Although I'm a bit hindered with the webs that seem to be growing between my fingers I have managed to get a few things made. I'll post pictures in to next day or two.


stregata said...

Glad to hear you don't need a life vest to sit at your computer. Hoping you will keep high and dry, Hermanita.

SummersStudio said...

Happy you are on higher ground! I do love those lightning cracking downpours, which is what we get. Streets fill with water but it's all gone in a couple of hours. Not streets filled like yours though.

Diana said...

Wow I really feel for the people who have to vacate their homes that are flooded. So glad you are okay and on high ground. Thank you for sharing.


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