Wednesday, February 03, 2010

From a Little Project to a Ginormous One!!!

These days it doesn't take much of a dip in the temperature to make the joints in my hands hurt. Even in the summer when the air conditioner is on, if it's blowing on my hands they will ache. I've been noticing the cute fingerless gloves and wrist warmers that everyone is wearing up in the Northlands. Perfect idea I said to myself. There is the small problem of first even finding finger gloves here much less fingerless. I figured I could probably knit a pair even with my limited knitting abilities. Oh and I had a skein of really soft thin bamboo yarn. Looks just like cotton only 400 times softer. So I grabbed my needles and off to knitting I went.

Awww come on if they didn't have a bit of tea dyed lace on them you would suspect I didn't make them, right?? :) I think that if (when) I make another pair I'll decrease the amount of stitches and use a size or 2 smaller needles cuz these are right at the verge of being to big and sloppy. But they are easy and fast to make, and they don't look half bad if I say so myself.  :)

As for the ginormous project. Honest it started out relatively simple and small. No remodeling, removing or relocating walls, windows or plumbing. It's basically just a repaint on the little wannabe room upstairs across from the bathroom. It actually use to be the upstairs patio at the front of the house. The people we bought the house from wanted another bedroom upstairs so the had a front wall and one side wall added, to enclose the porch. No closet and not enough room to even fit a double bed in it. We actually have been using it to store our camping backpacking gear in. But I decided I was claiming the room as my space. One I could do a little experimenting with different styles in. Right now I'm just itching to try the whitish tones of the Danish/French country that is in the Jeanne de Arc Living magazine. :) This is a ginormous step out of my comfort level for me, cuz I'm not a white wall kinda gal!!!! But it's only 2 cans of paint and I can always repaint if it really turns out UGLY!!

This little room is painted orange (kinda more burnt the carrot) just like our bedroom. These are colors we inherited. I knew we'd have to do a bit of scrapping because there were a couple of small spots where the paint was peeling. I also figured on needing a good coat of primer.

While waiting for my trusty sidekick Dulce to get here I started peeling the loose paint. Well the paint kinda kept peeling. Here paint is really thick and it's up to you to thin it with water to the desired thickness. Evidently the Northlander we bought the house from told his painters not to thin the paint. The results was paint as thick as wall paper. In fact it peels off just like wall paper. Now that moisture has worked it's way behind the paint none of it will hold on to the wall for much longer. I guess you know Dulce and I had our marching orders cut for us! :)

That's little Nena she didn't sick around to long either!
I started on one wall scrapping.

Dulce started on the other wall

And we scrapped,

And scrapped

Course we didn't just scrape the whole time cuz we did a lotta peeling also!!

And we still aren't through!! :( But we better be soon... I hope.

Now dear Bloglandian companions I've shared this adventure with you so that I will have to keep myself on task. It's so easy to just close the door and forget what it looks like on the other side. This way I figure if a few days go by without me reporting progress you will do the right thing and ask how I'm doing. Since I'm not allowed to tell fibs, I'll have to be making progress even if it's slow. :)

Time for this little Bloglandian to head for the barn. Remember kids, today is a perfect day to make art no matter where in the world you are.  p;)


stregata said...

What an awesome project!!! I have a sneaking suspicion that you are not going to like the walls if you paint them stark white, though. It is because the quality of light is so different (I'm thinking) in the north from where you are now. How about you tone down the white somewhat? Think mushroom or ivory or something along those lines. Will probably be softer in your strong sunlight.

SummersStudio said...

I am laughing because every room in our house has turned into this kind of project. It all seems so simple in the idea stage. This can't have been great for the hands though. Scraping is a lot of work. I'll definitely be checking in on you. Going from orange to white is a huge change. Take care of your hands.

Beth Leintz said...

Oh my gosh, I can't imagine PEELING the paint off your walls.

I love your wrist gloves. I've been trying to knit some for months and always mess something up- I lucked out and bought a pair at an estate sale for $1.50. Maybe I should follow your idea and just knit and not not worry about a pattern. That bamboo yarn is great.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

OMG I don't even want to look at the pictures. That is the painting job from hell. I would have thrown a bomb in there and run. You're very brave...poor Dulce, how can she smile with all that horrible paint left to peel...yes, I'm a baby about these things...

On a happier topic, your gloves are WONDERFUL!!!

Rustic Tarts said...

So you have limited knitting skills???? mmm I don't think so! You did a wonderful job with those gloves, smartie!
Good luck with the orange paint, what an achievement when you are all finished with it.

Castle in the Air said...

You have been busy!!!
Always love seeing what you are up to!!
Sending my best,

Unknown said...

What a task! I hope you get it done quickly and the end result is what you hoped for.

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