Tuesday, June 02, 2009

WOO HOO It's Mango Season!!! :)

Mango season starts around the last week of May the first week of June. There are huge mango orchards just outside of town and through out the whole state of Sinaloa. Mangoes, tomatoes and peppers are cash crops in the state. In and around town there are mango trees everywhere. They are in peoples yards, patios, open fields, parking strips, pots on roofs I mean every where. They are a great shade tree because the leaves are flat, broad and waxy. They can tolerate the draught conditions of the dry season we have here. They also hang on to their leaves all year long.
There are as many recipes for mangoes as there are trees :) Well maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration but you will find them in everything. They are great in salads when they are still a bit green, because they are crunchy and have a mild flavor that goes well with cucumbers. You know it's a bit like zucchini is up in the Northern Lands.
The three little ones in the picture at the beginning are from the huge tree in our neighbor's patio, parking area. Way back last winter I took a couple of pictures of tree tree in bloom. "member??? " The blossoms are not much for show and there really don't have much of a scent when blooming. See all those little blooms, they will each grow up to be a mango one day :)

I'm sorry but you will need to put your xray-megavision glasses on (thanks Blogspot) but if while you are squinting tip your head to the right, make a telescope with your fingers and right hand now if you look through you might be able to make out a bunch of green babies on the tree. There must be a bazillion on the tree this year. There's enough there for the whole city and then some. If the neighbor had gone up when they were budding out and thinned the tree there would be far fewer and those would be much bigger. But leaving them small is safer in the long run. When those guys let loose and gravity exerts it's force you have some mighty large missiles heading for the ground!!!

See there's one little ripe one, wonder if he thought there was a prize for being first??

Yesterday I looked out the window just as the neighbor and his son-in-law were headed up onto the garage roof with 5liter buckets to pick a few :) On one of the trips down with full buckets I asked if I could have a couple. They were at the perfect ripeness and they smelled Divine. Sure take a hand full. No no I can only use a couple. So I picked out 3 beautiful colored ones. A while later LW comes up to the sunroom to tell me the neighbor sent over a bag full of mangoes because surly the three I'd taken wasn't enough to do anything with. :)
Now certainly you would agree that these are truly magnificent specimens, even if they are on the miniature side!! How can any human ever hope to compete with Mother Nature to create anything as perfect and beautiful as these are??? I wish you could smell and taste these, life just doesn't get any better then tree ripened mangoes!!!

Have a most audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you are ;)


Rustic Tarts said...

I wish I was there - I loooove mangoes.

Tristan Robin said...

ah, I love mangoes!

the ones our grocer gets don't seem to have the flavor I remember as a child...same with strawberries.

congrats on your 'score' LOL

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Hi Patti!!! I left you a comment on Sat. but didn't hear back?? You WON my mannequin naming contest! Please let me know which 5 digital sheets you would like!

xashee's corner said...

oh YUM!! thank you so much for showing me the mango tree!! it's really quite LOVELY! :) Have a SUPER day!

Linda Vincent said...

Yummy mango smoothie for breakfast....my fav!
Lucky you to have them in abundance (they are expensive here in England). And its great to see how they grow - thanks for the pics!

hagagården said...

Thank you so much for the comments,
i love mangos.
Have a nice day!!

LW said...

See that little red pickup parked under the mango tree? Every so often a mango breaks free and falls with a resounding bang. Sometimes it hits the pickup. The tree is our alarm clock, not that we need one. Hundreds of birds nest in it at night and start their chirping at first light. Did I mention that it's right across the street from our bedroom window?


LuLu Kellogg said...

LOL, LOVED LW's comment!

Mangoes are soooooooo delish!

How's the knee coming along?


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Mangoes are so wonderful! And they are multi purpose {alarm clock} too!
:) Lidy

Ward said...

Que rico!

That's one thing I love about living in Peru, over here we get tons of fresh food, not the big industrial supply chain up North :)

Anonymous said...

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