Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time To Recharge

I know it's hard to believe, that a woman who is basically retired, has no real day job and reports to no one any more, should get that overwhelming feeling that her life isn't her own. But I have to tell you some times it happens. I'm tired, cranky, not sleeping well, can't remember where I left my inspiration.

When I get to feeling like I've become a human subspicies I know I need to get to the beach for an afternoon of me time. There really is no way to describe what being there does to my soul. I have always been a water baby. When I needed to think, solve a problem, climb inside my head, or the stress of life use to get to me, I would head to the pool and pound water and dream of being at the beach :) Although I no longer have the same demands placed on my life, I still head for the water when it's time to recharge. The wonderful difference is I no longer am inhaling chlorine scented air and dreaming of the beach. Now the dream is a reality (yaaa hooo) and I don't walk around with green tinged hair from all the hours in the pool :)

Today was one of those well over due beach days. LW took his book. I took the new Somerset Marie Antoinette issue. Yep you know the one that came out the first of April. Well it only took 6 weeks to get my copy here :( I think there is a very happy mail/customs person enjoying the first copy that was sent. Thankfully Somerset never questions when you say an issue didn't get to you.

It was one of those days when we only had to share the beach with a few other sun worshipers :)

I brought my grocery bag in hopes of finding a few shells or the allusive Mermaid tears. As you can see the beach couldn't have been any more bare :(

The only gift from the sea on the beach today was this beautiful heart,which went home with us.

What do you do to recharge your batteries. Do you read, take a walk, a bubble bath, listen to music??? Just what do you do???

Have a most audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you are ;)


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

what a terrific day - and photos!

our beaches here just can't begin to fact, I'd actually rather be at a pool than at most of our beaches here.

good on you for following your bliss!

Coastal Sisters said...

Glad to made the time to recharge BS!

I won't get a chance to recharge my batteries until the Commander's Dad leaves and returns to Florida. He's been here since April 28 so needless to say, lots more work around here with a houseguest!


Charmingdesigns said...

AAAAAh! I can almost smell the ocean air. Your heart is just beautiful! After a day like you had...recharging...I expect beautiful things to come out of your work Laurie

Linda said...

Oh you are so lucky Pattie...being by the sea would be my first choice, too. Unfortunately though, we live in the very middle of England and the coast is quite a distance. So instead I might escape to the gorgeous coffee shop in the next village with leather settees and piles of glossy magazines....

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I don't do anything to "recharge." One of these fine days I'm just going to keel over.

What a pretty beach! That heart was sure a nice find.

I think you are no doubt worn out from watching over your friend. Seeing the screw falling out of the shoulder would deplete anyone's store of well-being!!!

Rustic Tarts said...

Pattie have you seen what Pam Garrison has done with some of her heart shaped findings - and also shells etc?
Here is her blog address;

Grandma B said...

What do I do to recharge....hummm..well for one thing, I go out into our back yard and wander around. Our flowers are beautiful right now...and the smiling faces of the pancies make my heart happy. It doesn't take too much to make this old gal happy anymore. I would love to be able to wander down to the seaside..but that would be quite the trek. I think the older I get, I find that happiness is a state of mind anyway.

Love your new dress....Have a good day.....

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