Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Few Finished Jewels and One Fat Knee

There are a few of you guys who are familiar with my Bloglandian Sister Lulu from Coastal Sisters. Well about 5ish weeks ago she, strained the ligaments under her knee and has been laid up since then :( Now I'm the first person to jump to the head of the line when a Bloglandian friend wants to share. BUT I draw the line when it comes to sharing pain!!
Last night while going down the stairs I could feel my right knee catch with a slight click. Hmmmm not good with these joints of mine. But the catching stopped and besides I wasn't going to let a little clicking keep me from going on our Saturday date night!! Hmmmmm in hind site might not have been the most prudent decision. I woke up at four this morning with the whispering call of the bathroom, stood up then nearly fell down. Dang if my right knee didn't hurt. Turned the bathroom light on and what did I discover?? A knee the size of a basket (okay a child size) ball!! :( Hmmmm could it be I strained the ligaments behind my knee?? Now where have I heard that before? Sooooooo LW has confined me to my little art corner, our bedroom and bathroom. It really is for my own good you know. There is no going to the Doctor option, not unless I'm finally ready to yell uncle and let the surgeon and gas passer have their way with me :( Yikes no not yet, if I behave myself it will heel enough to stave surgery for a bit longer :)

Since I have had my wings clipped, I spent the day finishing up a couple of pieces of jewelry I've been playing with. I have been saving little hearts for quite awhile now to make a heart charm bracelet. I finally had enough to hang a heart on every link

I made this bracelet with one of those "I wonder what it would look like" and just "how could I hook 2 separate strings of beads together without using any findings" experiments I'm really liking this one. It might never make it to the gift stash. :) Well maybe I should test drive it a bit to be sure all the bugs are worked out. ;)

Not really much to show for a whole day, but when you factor in a siesta and having lunch with Martha it'll pass. Oh and LW cooked for us since I couldn't meet Martha at our favorite cafe. His pasta with bolognase was nothing short of sublime!!

Have a most audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you are ;)


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I'm so sorry you're hurt! Knees can be the worst for pain (having serious R.T. in my knees, I can vouch!).

But you seem to have made such LOVELY use of your convalescent time!

I would have rolled up in a ball and watched black and white movies all day.

My way is good - your way is fabulous.

xashee's corner said...

so sorry about your knee! sure hope it mends quickly for you!! but you definitely made good use of your time down!! GREAT bracelets!! you are sooo talented! :) Have a WONDERFUL & restful day!! :)

The Joy of Nesting said...

Thanks KIddo,Ohhhh old movies sounds like a wonderful idea!!! (BIG) but we never replaced the TV when we moved down so watching shows means a DVD on the "puter" not comfortable. So far we haven't wanted to watch much that bad. BUT the exception could be the new Star Trec movie when it's on DVD!!

Thanks Xashee!! Though I'm afraid the best that could be said at this point any way is my abilities are improving with each piece :)

P ;)

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Ow! I don't even want to think of a big puffy ol' knee!!! Yikes! Stay off of it, don't go running all over creation with one of your artistic ideas or redos!!! I don't blame you for putting off surgery, I understand it is HELL.

Linda said...

Gorgeous bracelets least something good came out of your pain! Hope things improve soon.
PS I went to see the Star Trek film last week and its totally excellent!!!!

Coastal Sisters said...

Oh Big Sis....what will we do with you? We are both just like an accident waiting to happen.

I hope you get better very soon. My tendons and ligaments are healing, albeit much slower than what I want but I am being a good girl and doing what I am told to do (for now). ;)

LS, The Commander, The Furbabies and #2

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