Saturday, April 02, 2011

Missing In Action, Blame it on The Genes

You know those tiny pieces of matter that when stuck together in a certain way created me and of course you. Well I have decided that when the "care giver" gene was being handed out I must have not been paying attention or forgotten (as if those aren't traits of mine!) and got in line twice! I have also discovered that you can retire from your career but you don't seem to retire from who you are. I also decided that I must have tattooed on my forehead "Just ask I can't say no" :) But one thing I have always known is first last and always I'm a very blessed girl, and an even more thankful girl that, no matter what I end up stumbling into LW is always there to quietly&faithfully hold my hand, support & encourage me, and most importantly love me no matter what!!

So what is it this time, you ask??? It's nothing very special I'm just able to help make the miserable, frightening job of being ill in a foreign place a bit more comfortable for a wonderful loving couple of people. It's just my way of being able to pay it forward. And after all isn't that what being human is about?? Any way maybe now you can understand why my blog has taken a back seat to the demands of living. 

For my own sanity I have been able to squeeze in a bit of creative time. Here is a house blessing charm I made for friends who were here to visit. They have graciously played "mule" many times for us, so I made this as a small thank you. House blessings are generally made here to hang from a door nob or hook, so I made a "bracelet" from some 20gage  steel wire. Then wrapped it with torn strips of muslin.
 From the "bracelet" I hung 3 separate ribbons of vintage sari silk that I attached the wire wrapped charms to.
Between the ribbons and the stones I wire wrapped the the strings together and attached the milagros that I felt were important for a happy home. 
I used the stones to represent those things that we all need in order to live air,water,earth(sustenance)
At the ends I attached a piece of sea glass. We can all use the blessing of quiet patience and acceptance that all things in life must change.  A rusty frozen Charlotte/Charlie for the blessings of love and acceptance of friends, family and ourselves. An old religious metal for the blessings of the peace, contentment, and understanding that our spirits need to soar.
I think it pretty much covers all the things needed for our body and spirits to live a very blessed life.
I'm off for a bit of shut-eye, got to catch it when I can for a few more days. :)
Have an audacious art filled day no matter where in the world you are.   p;)


stregata said...

Hola, Hermanita! You are a very good and caring soul.
Love your house blessing - it is just gorgeous. I am sure it will be treasured and bring blessings to the house...
Sweet dreams...

SummersStudio said...

The house blessing is beautiful and a lovely thoughtful sentiment. Rest well!

LuLu Kellogg said...

I am busily trying to catch up on your Blog since I am now back from CA. I have missed you!!!

LS xoxo

Cindy said...

You are truly wonderful and dependable friend. I know you are so appreciated for your positive attitude, and all of the TLC you are giving your friends in need.
The house blessing is really amazing - I've never seen anything quite like it. I love the charms and all of their heartfelt meaning.

pamq said...

You are such a good friend!

And the house blessing is pretty nifty---I have never heard of them before.

You picked out all the important ingredients {and added some rust!} for a happy home. Love the beach glass.........

Sleep good!

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