Sunday, April 17, 2011

Amazing Bloglandian Art Sisters!!

One day while trying to understand through exploring the magical world of Bloglandia I stumbled into a group of jewelry/wearable art artists. Most are girls but there are a few boys in the mix. Now mind you this isn't a real group in the physical world way. It's more like the supportive/protective "our gang" only in that virtual dimension. Most of us will never meet, or if we do it will only be one or two "our gang" kids. But that doesn't stop us from celebrating the accomplishments of one of us. We are more then happy and quite comfortable to let each of us be who we are. To like, listen to, read, create art, and do what ever allows us to be individuals.
We are always there to lend our encouragement and confidence when one of us is in the middle of a life changing experience.
Heck in our eyes we are all raving beauty queens!
 Or kings
One of the most amazing and humbling characteristics of this/my Bloglandian family is their unconditional generosity!! A few weeks ago Deryn and her family came down for their annual spring break fling. When ever Deryn come down or knows that I'm headed to the northlands she always has wonderful stash treats for me. She knows there are art and fabric supplies that I just can't get here and she always has her suitcase stuff full of them! This trip was no different. There was beads,baubles,ribbon,fabric scraps, remnants, resin and....
 Okay I have a  small  confession to make. Like a dork I had a wee bit of an obsessive mood strike and like a good O/C personality put everything in their rightful places before taking any pictures. I know dumb, really dumb. So you will just have to take my word on some of my goody stashes. 

BUT along with all these awesome treats, what did I find??? I'm now the very proud owner of an original creation by the incredible jewelry artist Deryn. Huge Sigh... Oh yeah, I know how long you have been wishing for a Something Sublime original, cuz it was always at the head of my "lust list"!! And now I have one, and not just any old one, but this amazing looooong or short necklace, with tropical colored sari silk to boot. Want-ta-see???
Look see one of Deryn's little bird nests with 3 blue "eggs" :) The wings are pewter casts that Lynn Davis makes!
And see one of Deryn's resin charms and her impeccable wire wrapping. Did you know that it was her precise and beautiful wire wrapping, and her gentle mentorship (yep I invented that word!) that created in me a deep love and respect for the art of wire wrapped and handcrafted jewelry.
The pewter clasp is also a Lynn Davis cast piece. And to tie her whole piece together Deryn used this truly sunny strip of vintage sari silk!! Oh yeaaaaah I know how lucky I am!!!!! :)
As if this isn't already Christmas in March, Deryn also brought me a loving parcel of treats from mi Hermanita, Renate all the way from Germany!! Oh and the treasures in that little parcel were also enough to take my breath away! uhhhh same thing about pictures and O/C personality apply, sorry. :( Renate knows my weaknesses well, garnets of any size,shape and color being one of them. And look the heishi string has a ss lobster claw already on it. Just begging for a focal don't cha think??
Renate also knows I have a HUGE passion for vintage lace especially hand made cotton lace. Just look what she gifted me!! How can you not have the up most respect for the artists that were able to create these incredibly beautiful laces from a mere piece of cotton string???
BUT that's not all because underneath everything, folded and tied with a ribbon was this pristine white cotton, embroidered, lace European pillow scam!!!! How cool is that?? Unlike the rectangular pillows and shams that we are use to in the States, many of the European ( German&Scandinavian) countries use big square pillows and shams. Oh my but I fell instantly in love the moment I untied it!!!!!
But finding a big square pillow here is a more then an impossible task, and it won't be something I can stuff in LW's suitcase when we go to the Northlands next month. I also could not bring myself to putting it away and not being able to enjoy this wonderful gift from Renate. Soooooo my solution is to use it as a small table dressing.
 Look even the buttons on the back are amazing!!!
You know I can honestly say that not a day goes by that I don't count my blessings, and the gift of being part of this incredible Bloglandian "Our Gang" it's one of my most priceless gifts!!!!

Have a most audacious art filled day no matter where in the world you are.  p;)
PS. Do you guys remember the horrifying pictures of the little orange room?? Remember the one that was going to be my "girly girl" room?? Well it's finally done!! All that is left if a shelf that LW needs to hang. Sooooo I will have pictures to post in a day or so!!!! You won't believeeeeee. how different it looks! ;)


Relished Artistry said...

Oooo, Pattie, what wonderful gifts!! What a treasure trove--it's so awesome that you have such a thoughtful circle of creative friends!!! My golly, it IS like Christmas in April! Haha!! I can't wait to see what you do with those wonderful pieces. I can hear your creative gears all the way up here in San Diego! You go, girl!!

SummersStudio said...

Ooooo, aaahhh, what a lovely treasure trove. This should keep those creative fires burning for quite some time.

Charmingdesigns said...

HI YA PATTIE!! I've been a little MIA visiting your blog! What wonderful goodies! (cute bird on your new table cloth/sham lol)
What a treasure having a Daryn original. How are you???

stregata said...

You lucky girl - that is a beautiful piece Deryn gifted you with!
Glad you like the lacey bits I sent you - hope you make some more vestitas ...
can't wait to see your room.

Deryn said...

It was my pleasure supplying you with a few goodies. I'm so glad you're enjoying them! :) xxoo

pamq said...


I don't even know what to comment about all those wonderful things!

And to think that there were even more that didn't get photographed!

Awesome necklace from Deryn---are those rhinestone spacers above the bird nest square??? Too cool.

Cindy said...

Pattie, what a truly wonderful visit - some time with Deryn and also bearing such beautiful gifts!!! *sigh*! I agree, her necklace is truly a wearable piece of art. You are one lucky lady, owning an original! :-) What sweet gifts from our friend Renate - those vintage laces are so pretty. Right up my alley as well. So glad to hear you have been showered with love (not rain) this April!

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