Monday, February 14, 2011

A LOVEly Day For The Beach

Sooo how was your Valentine's Day???? Or your unValentine's Day depending on which holiday you are celebrating??? Ours was quite wonderful. The days are tending to be a bit warmer, so thoughts of the beach are playing in our heads. While I was in the kitchen starting a scrumptious "Lunper". Wait, what's a Lunper you ask?? Well it's that meal that combines lunch & supper, you know like brunch is to breakfast & lunch. :) One of the many intelligent customs we have embraced here in our adopted country is to have the day's main meal in the afternoon around 1-2 followed by a siesta. It really works out perfectly, for us. Gives you time to burn off the calories acquired. And you don't fight that overfed,over stuffed pig feeling late in the evening. You know that one that causes heartburn and restless nights. Besides like the Mediterranean countries many Mexican businesses close from 1-ish to 4-ish for the family meal time. Because we are a resort/tourist town a lot of our retail businesses don't close but much of the government,and professional offices do. And as much as possible we like to follow that wise old saying, "when in Rome..."

Wooo did I get off the beaten path! Okay back to the kitchen and that sumptuous meal. LW walked in and suggested we put all the fixins away for Manana (tomorrow) and grab a panga (little ferry) over to Stone Island for lunch at Rudi's!! Sorta a little Valentine Day gift to each other. Well that's a no brainer, Stone Island is one of my favorite beaches to stroll. So we threw a few things in the beach tote and headed down to the ferries. Because this is Monday a work&school day,& not a cruise ship in port day, the beaches are nearly deserted.
 It was a little breezy & misty but the sun was shining and was nice and warm to our reptilian acclimated bodies.
Of course those lovely quiet beaches are a real double edged sword here. Quiet beaches = no business. This is not good for our little community. And according to most of the merchants this "season" is proving to be a "bad" one! :( We practically had Rudi, and "Senora Rudi" all to ourselves.
Most of our dry season flowering plants are really coming into their own amazing beauty The days are getting longer and warmer, the humidity is still lower and we haven't had rain for a good 4 months.
The hibiscus are as bright as they could be the doubles (like the one above) are about the size of dessert plates.
And the huge singles are at least the size of large salad plates!
We had ceviche and shrimp for "lunper" and strolled down the beach holding hands and making plans.
I can't imagine a more precious gift then to wake up each morning with my most handsome soulmate (& adorable geek) in this amazing place we called paradise! :)
Oh my gosh LW I don't have any idea how that cutie patootie picture got there! Honest, you know this whole internet thing is magic to me!! Hmmmm I bet you didn't even know I took that picture, huuuh, but it's a true mystery on how it got on my blog! :)

Time for this lit'l chick-a-dee to say goodnight. I think I better do some perfecting on my explanation of my cyber-ignorance before LW sees this in the morning! ;) So on that note have a most audacious art filled day, no matter where in the world
 you are.  p;)


Marty said...

We always wondered why so many business stayed open when the custom was to have that Siesta. The one exception is MariLisa at Collibri in the Golden Zone. Every time we go to see her shop, we have to wait for her to reopen. And she always shuffles in in bedroom slippers. A charming lady, one we've come to love. She even sang "Cu cu ru cu cu" for us.

stregata said...

Sounds like it was a perfect day in paradise! Ah, well, I can dream...

Riki Schumacher said...

What a wonderful day Pattie. You are living in Paradise, fabulous! Love your fun pics, great to see hubby! Hugs, Riki

SummersStudio said...

A perfect day and perfect way to celebrate being together.

Larry said...

I only wish she'd waited until I was standing up straight.

We have a little pact. If one of us declares a beach day there is no taking it back. Ah, the sun in your face and the surf in your ears. It's starting to warm up and didn't even need a jacket. But then that's relative to you folks up north, isn't it. Ha!!


LuLu Kellogg said...

I am so glad you and LW had a wonderful Happy Love Day!

I just flew back from NC from seeing my girls and my son and it was wonderful!! I hated coming back to this frigid weather!! I will be off to Florida next Thursday for an art event and will make a little side visit to Disney!!! YIPPEE!! More warm weather!

LS, The Commander, #2 and all the fur babies!

Charmingdesigns said...

Sounds like such a lovely day!!

pamq said...

Sounds like a wonderful day with your "cutie patootie" Valentine!

And it looks sooo warm.....

Love the idea of a good siesta!!!

Cindy said...

Hello bloglandian Sister!!
I so enjoyed your beach pictures today...although we are enjoying an incredible 70 degree in February here in VA!
I agree with sounds like paradise there...the beach is so beautiful. I especially love that photo with the boat and the tip of the umbrella to the side.

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