Monday, February 07, 2011

A Couple of Finished Projects

I don't remember where I found this cutie patootie picture if any of you guys know (where I could have found it) please let me know so I can give the artist credit!

Yep I did get a couple of things made. One was this new vestita. I decided it was time to add a bit of color to my somewhat earthy colored wardrobe, since I was making this one for me, (I think). So I really stepped out there and created this new vestita in red! Okay it's more like a nice dark (earthy) color red not fire engine/stop light red. But still it's red. :) Well sometimes it's best to take little steps out of one's comfort zone. Don't ya think?? I know me well enough that if it was bright red it would spend it's life in the dark corner of the closet. I used some luscious rayon, light,soft and drapes oh so nice. This one is shorter then the last couple, ending just below the waist.
For the bottom ruffles I used some red ticking and a rose print on cotton. You know the kind of cotton that is used for quilts. Here it's called "American cotton". Which is not to be confused with Mexican cotton. And yep there's a different. Mexican cotton is, larger more open, & less thread count, then it's northern cousin. The American cotton is more expensive (import duty fees) but that hasn't slowed to many of us die hard "sewistas" down. It is something we don't get here and just in case it was an ordering boo boo all my Mexican friends are stocking up! Heck I can take a hint! :) 

 Course I used tea dyed lace, but did you notice there isn't one little speck of sparkly on it??? Yep not one. In fact the only "closure is the tie. I did however sew 11pairs of hooks&eyes on it. Kinda gives it a bit of a vintage undergarment/corset sorta feel.
Notice anything a little wonky in that picture??? I managed to sew all 11 hooks facing up, makes it really hard to "hook" with them in that position! But I rationalized not redoing them by telling myself that they were only there for looks & didn't have to work. And besides by the time someone figures it out I will have already walked buy and blended back into the crowd. :) There's a little sleeve on this one with the ticking for trim.
Even the back is plain this time.
I did put all the gathering for the two ruffles there (in the back). Sorta just a hint of a bustle feel.
Since this was beginning to look like something someone pieced together from different pieces of clothing, I decided to run with the "makedo"  wonky vintage feeling. See the decorative scalloped stitches on the ticking?? I thought I'd also use it around the sleeves and down the front.
Notice anything hmmm??? Oh besides it being a bad fuzzy photo. Yep your eyes are seeing right and the monitor didn't distort those stitches either. The ticking has lovely feminine scallops and the top has a sorta " Greek key" kinda stitch going on??? How??? Idon'tno??? All I can do is blame it on my machine. When I set the stitch for the scallop it stitched the key shape instead. Maybe the ol' gal was looking to change things up a bit, maybe she was tired of the same old stitches?? So I thought, no problem I'll just go with it. But the next time I went to set the stitch all I could get was the scallop it was suppose to do. And it isn't even a computerized machine, just ol' fashion machanical. Sooooo now I had 2 different looking decorative stitches on the same piece. I suppose I could have ripped out all the key stitches but remember I'm the lazy girl that didn't turn 11hooks around! Besides the fact that by the time I got all the stitches out there wouldn't be much of the fabric left, it is so light&thin. What to do???  I know I'll say I was going for a "vintage, makedo" kinda look!!! Yeah, that will work perfectly!!! So that's exactly what I did.

Have a most audacious art filled day, no matter where in the world you are.   p;)

PS. Oh yeah, I did say a couple of projects huh?? Well I made 8 pairs of earrings and a sterling and amber necklace for the art walk last Friday. But I can't show you them cuz I forgot to get pictures before taking them to the store. :( But I promise to take the camera down to the store tomorrow and get some pictures. I'll show them to you on my next posting. :)


stregata said...

Sewing machines are almost as mysterious and hard to understand as computers.
Love your vestita - even though I do not have anything red in my wardrobe - it is just right for where you live.
Can't wait to see the earrings and the necklace you made.

Marty said...

Love the red-I have to make my niece a Kindle cover out of red. I had made my sis a denim one, and Mandy liked it so much she wants to pay me to make one for her. I might take money, but maybe not-I'll use her for advertising.

That picture reminds me of the pictures made in the 1030's. Lots of chubby cheeked children in picture in those days.

Anonymous said...

As much as I love your neutral palette, this one is fabulous, as well! The hooks and eyes are such a great touch...

SummersStudio said...

The red is quite wonderful! I love a neutral palette but every once in a while you just have to change it up a little.

Cindy said...

Pattie! My goodness, I'd say you accomplished a LOT...just look, a brand new Vestita!! And in a gorgeous shade of red. Way to keep us on our toes and throw us a big splash of color this time! I love it...right down to all of the amazing details. I can see so much love and attention went in to creating your latest wearable piece of art. :-)

pamq said...

Vintage make-do is cool!

And I hope that all your jewelry has sold by the time you get there with your camera!!!!

Vitt hus med svarta knutar said...

I like your vestita's very much and I have watch the one's you have made earlier (the photos on the right side). Those in lace and blue You make me want to try sewing something to wear, like a tunic.

Here we have still cold weather and tomorrow we expect 4 iches of snow. Hmm that means problems to drive home:-(

Hope at least one piece of jewelry is left for the photo.

Hugs from the winterland!

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