Sunday, May 16, 2010

Whatcha Up To?????

I only ask because I've been up to diddly squat. Haven't gone anywhere of any consequence. Haven't started or finished any great projects. You know it's just been a few days of doing a bit over here. Doing a bit of cleaning and rearranging over there. Adding a few beads on the work bench. Thinking about cutting out a pattern but not getting any farther then the thinkin part. Can't even claim to be reading an exciting book. We are not the proud owners of a TV  so I spend my time "catching up" with the shows. It's been more like just puttering around. But some how the day is still gone before I know it. Aaah heck I guess I can do that in the morning seems to be the catch phrase.

I'm beginning to think that tomorrow might have to be a beach day because I've just about exhausted the items on the doin nothing list of  things to do. :)

I did a few days ago finish a new, as they have now been dubbed  "Vestitas" It's a good Spanglish word combining vest from English and "ita" the Spanish suffix designating the little version of something...(hermanita-little sister). Thus making vestita, little vest. 


I used all white (which I coffee dyed) and ivory lace. For the body I coffee dyed a vintage card table cloth. The only sparkle I added was one vintage rhinestone earring at the top, where the hook and eye closure is.

Is it just me that finds Blogger a complete pain in the toosh?? Sometimes I can't get a picture to load or it gets turned on it's side or a closeup requires a magnifying glass. And don't even get me started on Bloggers need to save to file every single sentence or anything else when you go longer then a nanosecond between typing letters!!!! GGGGrrrrr. Do know how often that is when you are a girl who never took the time to learn to type??? Do You???? Well sometimes it can take 5 minutes to get a line typed!!! Ooops that little rant sorta slipped out :(

The only color I added to the vestita was a little strip of garnet red sari silk down each side of the front and woven through the lace on the bottom.

Kinda nice and monochrome. It will go with just about everything so it's a good little go to piece.

Okay this is me calling uncle. I'm getting way to cranky trying to find where my pictures are going to turn up, or even if they are going to. I think it's time for this little Bloglandian to do a bit of blog hopping before she puts the laptop to bed for the night.

So my bloglandianitas, hmmmmm maybe it doesn't work with every word??? Ahhh what the heck if it's used long enough it will get added into the dictionary as acceptable. So my Bloglandianitas. For those of the male gender that's Bloglandianitos. Don't ever let anyone tell you Spanish is easy!! Have an audacious day and make a bit of art, no matter where in the world you are   p;) 


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

ya done good - you deserve the beach!

Anonymous said... the vestita!! Have fun at the beach tomorrow! :) ~ Jo

stregata said...

Muy impresionante, su vestita!
Another very lovely one, Pattie!
I think you need to have a beach day, just so you can wear it out...

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Hun, I think you can change the interval Blogger uses to auto-save.

I love the latest vestita!!! Love love love it!!! Muy linda.

Cindy said...

Hello dear Pattie! I sure love visiting your blog... you always make me smile with your sense of humor! And I'm enjoying learning all of these new Spanglish words...who knew? Your vestinita is just gorgeous...and so are the pictures. I really love the way you stained the lace in a nice vintage way and added that gorgeous crimson-colored ribbon. You are doing such incredible things with fabric...will we see a Joy of Nesting line in the future? I hope you enjoy the beach - that sounds so wonderful.

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Pattie, yes, get frustrated with Blogger, for different reasons. Like trying to edit after proofing, and published,then go back. Almost have to start over with any affects, type size, etc. Grrrr. Love the vesita Pattie, you have a signature piece yourself! Those are darling. So tomorrow, go have a nice relaxing day on the beach, think of those in the winter cold still, and just enjoy it!! Big hug, Riki

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