Saturday, May 08, 2010

Last Time Around The Block

Well that is for this "season". Most all of the "Snowbirds" have flown home to the Northlands. The tourists have slowed to a trickle until school breaks and summer vacations start. So the Mazatlan Art Walk and Sale takes a bit of a sabbatical until October when the "season" starts again. For El Pajarita y El Jaguar (Little Parrot&Jaguar) this was our second first Friday of the month art walk. Martha my trusty sidekick was gone exploring the wilds in the state of Sonora, so LW was brave enough to set up with me. This was a Slooooooow night but we did manage to sell a couple of necklaces and a few pairs of earrings. I decided since I had to spend four hours looking at my table I'd set it up a bit different then I had it last month.

We left the necklaces on the little display stands that Helena has them on in the store. I didn't add any new earrings, since we all know just how much I looove to make them!! But after last night we are down to 4 pairs sooooooooo I guess I'll make a few more. I'm not sure if they are so popular because of my creativity or (much more likely) they love to buy them because of the adorable cabinet cards I attach them to!!

A couple of women came by to "see how I set the table up this time" EEE Gads what kind of monster have I so innocently created??!! I'm afraid my need to constantly rearrange has, as the saying goes "turned around and bitten be in the toosh" :) Oh well if that's what it takes to get them there I'll suffer for the cause :)
This Month
Last Month

I like having the necklaces on the display stands and the smaller tags we made for the necklaces. It's a much cleaner, simpler look not so much "visual noise" I suppose I will learn as we go along.

I did make 2 necklaces to add to the show last night. Both are turquoise, Red sea coral, and copper hearts. Helena suggested I make some more heart pieces when the first 2 sold right away. Yea that means I was forced to play with my patinas! :) The first one is oval turquoise rosary wrapped beads with coral on either side of the heart focal.


I know I know the pictures leave a lot to be desired. I didn't remember to get pictures of it before I ran it down to the store at the first of the week. So we tried to grab a couple last night. I just haven't made the transition in my thinking yet. It still amazes me that people want to pay real pesos to actually buy my jewelry. Unbelievable! :) I added a couple of little squiggle wires of pounded copper and a cool teardrop shaped piece of coral and turquoise beads at the clasp. Sorry no picture :( you will have to use your imagination. :)

The other necklace didn't start out to be a heart focal. It actually had an awesome pewter cross I added a bit of patina to. But just as I was down to wiring on the crystal and a garnet bead to stabilize the "arms" one of the "arms" came off in my hand... SOB... Two days of patina(ing) and it was soooooo cool. Since I was not willing to admit defeat I pulled out my super duper E-6000 and glued it back together. I'll test drive it for a bit to be sure it's going to stay together and then maybe I'll take it over to the store. I'll show you some pictures when it's good and dry.

So a heart was substituted and I think it looks pretty darn good. You'd even think they were made to go together!

I used just a plain old ...Shhhh store bought (how lazy is that?) toggle clasp. BUT I sorta made up for it by making this adorable "person" to dangle from the clasp. I have is one-ler earring from I can't remember in my stash. I been thinking it would be fun to make a bit bigger one for a necklace. Boy and it was so much fun that my mind ran away with all kinds of variations. I can't wait to play around some more and make one big enough to be a focal!


Cute huh??? And sooooo simple. If you would like I can post some pictures on how I bent the wires.

That's about all I have about this months sale. So if you like you can continue to do a bit of blog hopping. But since this is my blog and in a sense it's where I record all the ups +es and downs -es of this amazing art journey, I have a + to record. Last night one of the women on the art walk came up to tell me she had bought my pearl necklace the other day. Of course these are still such complements to me. But she went on to tell me and the friends with her, that she had been searching for my work! Yep she said she had stumbled onto my blog a little while ago and realized I was here in Mazatlan. She just couldn't find my work in any of the stores. Then she saw the post about Helena and Miguel asking us to put El Pajarita y El Jaguar in the store. So she went to the store to ferret it out. She was so excited to find my stuff there that she drug her friend with her last night on the walk so she (the friend) could see my things!! Isn't that just the most ginormous complement??!!! But that's not all her friend bought a necklace and asked me to make a (yeah I know) pair of earrings to go with it! :) Amazing who would have guessed?? Certainly not me, honest!! I was just hoping that maybe we would sell a piece or two so we could buy sunflower seeds for our two little love birds, Paco y Paca!

So there it is, and it looks like there are a few people who enjoy wearing my little creations. Huh, and they don't even have to because they don't want to hurt my feelings. Like I said I find this sooo incredibly amazing and humbling, because now I have to live up to my expectations!!

Now my Bloglandian family I hope that you have an audacious day to make a bit of art no matter where in the world you are  p;)

PS. You know not a day goes by that I'm not ever so thankful for all the love, support, and encouragement that I am given by all of you my kindred family!! I know that I am a very bless girl artist to have all of you accept me into this amazing group!! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Pattie!

Your display table looks lovely! The display stands show off your gorgeous necklaces are beautifully!! I'm sure you will sell many. Hugs ~ Jo

stregata said...

Whoohoo! Atta girl! Congratulations, Pattie!!! I'm jumping up and down in excitement (yeah, like what other direction would I jump?)!!! So happy for you! Too bad the Art Walk is going on summer break - but that does mean you will have lots of time to create for the next one. Love that someone has really been on the lookout for you - that is soooo cool.

LuLu Kellogg said...

*beaming with pride* Congrats Big Sis!! I love the way the table was set up...well done!

Happy Mother's Day my wonderful Big Sis,
LS, The Commander, the Furbabies and #2

SummersStudio said...

Pattie, I love your work. I always find it inspiring, fresh, and wonderful. So I am not too surprised that you have people looking for you. I think your display is lovely. I remember a year ago when I started doing the monthly market. It was kind of intimidating to get our there face to face. But it's been wonderful. I think maybe you will have the same experience!

Deryn Mentock said...

Beautiful displays, Pattie! Who wouldn't want to come and just sit and gaze? And buy!

Riki Schumacher said...

Great displays Pattie. And thank you for your kind words regarding my little Chester boy. You are amazing, always finding the right words to encourage and comfort. Thank you Pattie. Take care, hugs, Riki

pam q said...

Well, well! Sounds like you are really taking off for flight!!!

I am so thrilled for you!

I know just what you mean---I get so excited when someone actually wants to pay me money for something I made!!! woohoo!!!

Love the little dude hanging on the necklace....

Love the necklace stands....

Rock on!

Greer said...

Such a romantic display table, who wouldn't be tempted to linger!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I saw the spread about MaryJane in Country Living Magazine (or was it Country Home?). It was gorgeous...loved it. Maybe that's where I got the idea about the outside soaking tub from.:) ~ Jo

diane said...

My sweet and humble Pattie....If your heart is right (and I know by your words both here and on my posts), then people will be drawn to you and your work. That is what is happening to you my friend!
And, I just love your little table set-up. It is so sweet.
You feel like you are on top of the world right now....and you should be =)) You soooo deserve it my friend.
Happy Wednesday and the rest of the week....

Anonymous said...

Hi Pattie,
I hope you are well, it's been a long time since I visited your blog.
All your necklaces are beautiful, what an artist you are!!!
Enjoy the slow season in Mazatlan.

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Your set up looks very inviting and your jewels are marvelous. Love that little man piece you made!

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