Friday, December 11, 2009

An Angel In Training

Remember the sad looking little bisque doll with the hand painted roses on her face that Laurie sent me????? Sorta???? Look down there's her picture. Any way she's been sitting on my art desk since we got home. Both of us have been wondering just where she might fit in here. Well the other day I had LW get the Christmas tree and decorations out. Yes shhhh... we have a fake tree. And for the first time in my adult life. But I ask you what's a girl suppose to do when she is 3000+miles from the nearest Christmas trees???? Oh we can get real trees here. They come in off of trucks the 2-3 weeks before Thanksgiving. Okay let me clarify, the trunks branches and a few brave (brown) needles that have managed to hang on, are unloaded. Placed outside in 80+degree weather waiting to either go home with someone before they drop their 3 remaining needles or spontaneously combust!! So after going without a tree the first year we now have a shhhh... fake one.

Well when the little misfit dollie noticed that there was not an angel to top our tree she started begging Begging BEGGING to become the tree top angel. Well that was until she caught a look at her reflection in the mirror Jeez then the tears started.

When I tried to explain to her that an angel has to earn her wings before she can have tree topper duties, all she did was cry harder! :( Well wasn't there anything I could do??? She just knew there was an angel inside of her that only needed a bit of help to shine. "I just know that's why Laurie painted the beautiful rose on my face and sent me to you" So into the scrap box we dug. We found the sleeve from a felted white (now pink that's what happens when you wash white with a red sweater). It only had a couple of moth holes. We found a panel of lace curtains. It was old enough it was a lovely shade of ivory, and it only had a few holes. A few patches later and we now had an angel in training dress and cape.

PSSSSTT she said, there's the small matter of... I have no hair !! Oh no not more tears :( Hmmm this took a bit of thinking. What about a bit of sisal twine??? We could even make sorta curls. GREAT bring on the Elmer's!! :)

We found these funky flower painted clay beads in my stash. Look it has a red rose to match Laurie's Wouldn't one be peeerfect as a (pretend) candle?? Pretend I asked?? Well you don't really think I'm putting these beautiful new curls that close to a flame do you??? See the little rosary she has on??? You can see the cross down at her feet. That is a tiny vintage (yep I'm that old) pink glass bead rosary that I was given from my Italian grandmother when I was baptized. We figured we were going to need a few miracles to pull this one off :)

Okay all that's left is the hard part. Ya can't be a tree topper until you have earned your wings and halo. We are a bit short on time here. Christmas is only 13ish days away. Well I guess I could make a set of stand in, let's call them "training wings&halo" ;) Copper wire, some beads and a bit of netting should do just fine. Oh no not the tears again, now what's wrong??? How am I suppose to keep these training wings on??? Oh I'll never earn my wings never. Not to fear Little One that's what giant safety pins are for!!! YIPPEE!!!

And so Auntie Laurie that's how your poor rescued little dollie is patiently waiting to be placed on the top of our tree.
Now all that's left to do is wait to hear a little bell tinkle...

Do have a most audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you are p;)

P.S. Pictures soon of an angel atop our tree I promise! :)


stregata said...

Hark, the herald angels sing: we have a new hermanita!
Love how you helped this tearful little doll to become an angel(in training)! So sweet! Sometimes I think you are truly the most creative of us all, because you must improvise at every step.
Bravo, Pattie Hermanita!!!

Charmingdesigns said...

aaaawh, shes adorable!! She is so charming!!! I'm so glad the tears have dried up. lol. You certainly told a wonderful story...and the hair...just perfect! Laurie

LuLu Kellogg said...

I love her! BS, you did a wonderful job!

I hope you and LW and the furbabies are having a wonderful holiday season!

Love from LS, The Commander, #2, Tommy, Babie, Apricot, Olivia and Harlow!

The Feathered Nest said...

Pattie!!!! You have turned her into a precious beauty!!!! I bet she is just lovely on your tree and what an honor too...and so what our Lord does for us, we are such misfits until He cloaks us with His love!!!! So beautiful dear friend ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

So glad to see she earned her wings and is now working on tree top duty. You really turned into something special to admire through the month of December.

Esther said...

soooooooo cute!! love her flower tatoo on the face!!!

Ulla said...

ADORABLE! I especially like the knitted coat... so important for long travels this time of year!

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