Monday, September 14, 2009

"The Steamroller Effect"

In an effort to turn Limes-- the side effects to Antibiotic Therapy

into Limonada (Limeade) I have challenged myself to come up with 3 positive things that have resulted from the "Steamroller Effect" You know I've always had a love/hate relationship with antibiotics. They are ever so efficient in zapping bacteria where it hurts oooooh but the price at times makes you wonder if the cure is better then the illness!! :)

Oh Yeah no whining remember. We are filling this post with nothing but positive thoughts and energy... okay well I'll give a good ol college try.
1) So for my first positive I,ve thought of: I'm really saving on the mascara!! I haven't had any on in 4 days now. Of course I haven't been outside the house, for fear of scaring little children and pets resulting in a life long warped psyche!! Oh my gosh I just thought of a 1a) If there is no mascara then I'm saving on the baby oil to remove the mascara!! :)

No these lovely eyes are not mine. Not that I wouldn't sell a small appendage to have these eyes on my 54 year old face!! But I guess that would mean I'd have to have the rest of my face jacked up to match them...hmmm on second thought.... Now when they figure out how to make my hands not look their age, and match my new look I might be able to get behind a face jacking :)
Yikes I better undigress cuz I can feel a lot of negative energy here :(

2) The second thing is always nice. LW who babies, pampers, and indulges me way more then I surely deserve on a daily basis kicks into overdrive when I'm sick. Bring tea, and the evil coca cola and making wonderful meals

All I have to do is think something sounds good and before I know it, there it materializes!! :) And on top of that he even does the wash!!! Now just how cool is that. Okay I'd be amiss if I didn't admit to LW doing 97% of the wash and 100% of the dishes!! :) Yes indeed I am a very spoiled girl :)

3) Number three is I did get Luci's necklace made for her birthday. And I had full intentions of taking some pictures of it to share but........

I'm afraid that this is exactly what the back of the camera looked like. Except it did flash "Change Batteries NOW" before it went black :( Soooooo Show and Tell has been delayed to tomorrow due to technical difficulties. :)

Hey I think all this positive chi is working cuz I have come up with a Number 4) I have been able to catch up on my reading :) Gads I have that huge stack of art magazines Lulu sent!! I've been reading Laurie King's mysteries, and blog-hopping my little heart out!!

Only 2 more days of antibiotics heck I can do that standing on my head...(as long as the barf bucket is close)...I think on this positive note I will just sign off

Have a most audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you are ;)


SummersStudio said...

Oh you poor thing. That is an awful reaction to antibiotics to be having. But two more days and the evil poison will be done and your infection will be clear. Hopefully, you will come back 200%! Meanwhile, I am drinking sympathy tea for you and sending hugs.

artgirly said...

Feel better Pattie! I did the Margarita thing this weekend and I do belive it has killed the bacteria in me.
xo- nicole

stregata said...

I was hoping you might already be better... Come on girl, beat the "act" out of them bacteria!!
Be a good girl, eat your soup, drink your limonada and tea and then you will be able to play again. Looking forward to seeing pictures of Luci's necklace!!

sharon said...

Sorry to hear you are sick Patti....ughhhh1!! Let's not even speak of antibiotics...they are EVIL!! Necessary sometimes, but I say EVIL nonetheless!! Even in sickness you make me are sooo funny!! Thanks for your constant are truly a good friend. BTW, I saw your post on Nicole's blog, and I have ordered some awesome stamps from Invoke'll love it there. Please take care!!

Silver Parrot said...

Sure hope you feel better soon! Oh, and thanks a lot for posting that picture of soup - it looks so yummy and now I want some and don't have anyone to bring it to me! LOL!

Cindy said...

Hi Pattie
I always enjoy reading your posts. Even when you're under the weather you have such a great sense of humor and can lift souls. I hope you're in tip top shape again soon. :-)

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

what a fun post - illness seems to agree with you :D

hope you're on the mend quickly!

Coastal Sisters said...

Please get well quickly BS. I am so glad LW is there to take care of you. You are spoiled rotten, just like moi!

Two peas, right?

LS, #2, The Commander and the Fur Babies~*xoxo

Linda said...

Hello my funny friend...I hope you are feeling LOADS better by the time you get this.
In England we take pro-biotics to balance out those evil antibiotics. Do you have those too?
Linda xxxxx

Charmingdesigns said...

oooooh! I am soooo sorry you are sick! I'm glad you're getting some reading done...and thank goodness for computers! I wish you could join me for my sale. I will be needing that address soon so I can send off a goodie box! take care my friend!

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