Thursday, September 17, 2009

She's Alive!!! ALIVE !!!!! :) & A Finished Piece

Why yes she is alive :) I managed to get Mascara on yesterday, and today I even went for lunch with Jackie P!!! Course being the good friend that she is she was kind enough to say I look a bit "played out" Hmmm If that's the case I sure wish I had more fun at whatever I was playing! :)
That's all I got typed in my post last night before the sky light up with a most beautiful Thunderstorm, which produced 3 things. 1) It dumped buckets of lovely rain so we don't have to water the patio pots. (That make LW a tad unhappy because the plants are on the verge of staging a takeover and only grow more confident with each storm!!) But thankfully there are no Venus Flytraps (I think anyway)
2) There were 5 dogs and 2 human pets all crowded into 4 square feet. And 3) All electronics are immediately unplugged. Boy and howdy are we methodical about that rule. There have been any number of people that have had their entire collection of power driven items ( from the curling iron on up the food chain) totally fried with a power surge :( So now with that bit of explanation I'm sure you can understand why I left you guys in mid-sentence yesterday :)
Well I finished Luci's BDay present. Luci and Tony are the friends that have a little B&B and the most amazing incredible, simply to die for Mexican restaurant. Oh my God you guys Luci is truly and artist.!!! Once a year she goes down to Mexico City to make the base for her Mole sauce. Why??? Cuz her 94year old mom is there and they spend days blending the 93 ingredients that makes their Mole. SO back to Luci. Luci loves bling, jewelry of all kinds, shoes the higher the heal the better and a bit of a Bohemian style in clothes. She also works behind her huge stoves 12 hours a day 6 days a week in her non air conditioned kitchen. But every single day she gets up puts all her makeup on fixes her hair, puts on a "going to town" skirt and top with complementing jewelry and heeled sandals and I mean heels I've never seen that little 4'11" woman in anything less then 3inch heels!! :) Yep all that every day and she is as young as I am. :) I asked her one day why and her answer was because her kitchen is open to her guests and it's important that they always see her presentable!
Keeping that in mind and also knowing that she is one of the few people I make gifts for that comes close to "getting it" so I can have fun making for her!!! :) Back in the July Aug Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine Barbe Saint John made a CUTE Dragonfly necklace with a Frozen Charlotte head and a salt shaker. I filed it away in my "cool idea" folder. I used it as a spring board/ inspiration for Luci's necklace.

I made the wings with stiff steel craft wire to keep them from bending with the motion of the necklace. Also the wings hold the necklace together. Since Luci tends to wear a lot of black and dark reds in the fall/winter I used deep red faceted glass beads with smokey faceted beads. for the "chain" On the wings I used little faceted garnets, with black& smokey crystals.

Glued the head to the shaker with my best friend E6000 :) As for the wings....... I hauled out my little soldering iron and did the most amazingly incredibly hideous soldering job of wings to salt shaker ever attempted by womankind!!!! :)

OH MY GOD!!!!!! Now what in the hell I'm I going to do??? Just because it's the back side it doesn't mean it will never be seen!!!! I'm not exaggerating one tiny bit, This truly was ugly with a capital U. It was then that sheer inspiration struck.... cover it up create a distraction.... yes perfect!!!! I cut out a little flower applique from a piece of my fabric stash and glued it over the ever so lovely solder job :)

I cut the shank off of a vintage rhinestone button to use as the clasp You can never have enough SHINIES don't ya know!!

And wa-la here is Annalise modeling "La Senorita Libelula" "Miss Dragonfly"

I apologize for the photos. Perhaps it was the sun coming in the sunroon windows, or not feeling my usual perky self or just lousy photography but I don't think they really do justice to the piece. :(
Ahhhhhhh I hear LW proclaiming "lundin" is ready. Lundin-the meal that combines lunch and dinner like brunch is to breakfast/lunch :) Have a most audacious today or tomorrow depending on where in the world you are. p;)


Silver Parrot said...

You know you're on the mend when you decide to attempt mascara :-)

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

What a unique dragonfly.

I'm with your friend Luci. Got to be presentable at all times, because you just never know!

SummersStudio said...

Yippie, Skippie, you are back in the land of the living! I am so happy for that. I want to meet Luci. She sounds incredible in a most Mexican way. And I mean that in the most best way possible. That necklace you made for her is fab and perfect for 4 inch heals. I can see the whole thing! Fantastico!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Glad you're on the mend and feeling better.

Love the necklace - very fanciful and delicate.

Where was that production of "Little Shop?" I directed a production several years ago - and I really liked our AudreyII - but that one is even better LOL.

Keep feeling better and keep making beautiful stuff!

Cindy said...

I sure enjoyed reading your post...first, glad you're feeling better! And what a great story about your friend Luci...I would LOVE to visit her restaurant for a meal!!! Oh it sounds so delicious. And she sounds so wonderful to her outlook on being "presentable" to greet her customers! Your necklace turned out so amazing. What an idea - the dragonfly!! And the colors are dramatic and so pretty together. Another part that I love is the length..just love it long like that! :-)

stregata said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better!! What a lovely necklace - gorgeous dragonfly!! Luci sounds like someone I would love to meet and Mole sounds like something I would really love to try. 93 ingredients - wow!!!
La Senorita Annalise is looking very lovely in her lace while modelling...

Charmingdesigns said...

I need to take lessons from Luci, I am never necklace is fabulous!! Glad you're on the mend! Enjoy your weekend

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Thank you so much for letting me know about your necklace and my inspiration!

This is gorgeous!!! I am sure Luci will love it and probably be wearing it while making some delicious mole. I would LOVE to visit her B&B too someday, I have a great fondness for mole!

Beautiful work, keep it up!!


Bunny Missbrenner said...

I don't even wear mascara when I'm Anywho...that dragon fly is TDF, honestly, you were a genius on that one! Don't care for mole which upset mi abuello to no end.

So glad your feeling better. Envious of the storm. Heard were gonna fry next week.


diane said...

What a fun post to read! Patti sounds like a lady I would LOVE to meet! And, surely go to her resturant and B&B.
I am so sure she is going to love her necklace...I know it took alot of work. GREAT JOB!!
Have a wonderful day!

Esther said...

hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! this senorita libelula is just Splendid!!! all that i love!! old beads, tin, doll faces... and dragonflies!!! what a long work!!! it's amazing!! and viva mascara!!

Anonymous said...

Hola Pattie,
I hope you are feeling much better this week. I am sorry I have not been by in so long but life got out of hand and then I was without internet for like what seemed forever.
What a lovely dragonfly necklace you made for your friend! I need to get my inspiration back BIG TIME!
What sort of books do you like to read? Don't think I forgot about the stuff I am going to send to you and thought that maybe I could include a book or two if I happen to have something you might enjoy.
Have a great week and I send you peace filled thoughts on this beautiful International Peace Day.

Abrazos ~

Linda said...

Hi Pattie
I hope you are feeling fine now.
I absolutely LOVE the necklace; what a brilliant idea! You are such a clever lady....
PS Thank you for your good wishes....I will do my best!

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