Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Are You Having Some Winter Fun??

So what do you do when the temperature dips into the "Goose Bump" zone, hmmmm??
Maybe a bit of ice skating on the neighborhood puddl...that is to say pond?
We have seen some VERY BRAVE (or stupid) souls "sunbathing" on the beach!! Can you imagine??
Granted they must be from the frigid Northlands, but really it is winter after all. I mean us "locals" are wearing heavy sweaters, shoes, you can even see a few parkas and boots (especially in the mornings)!!

Yep I know our highs are getting down into the low 70s brrrr!! But our nights now that's a whole nother story.  Good Lord it's going to get down to 43 frigid degrees tonight!! Gads that's almost ice on the puddles weather. Lucky us we don't have any puddles (this is the dry season no rain since Oct) If you will remember we don't have any heat in our houses,they are made out of brick,mortar,and cement,and many are open to the outside. You know so we can get those lovely cooling sea breezes! These are the days when you have to go outside to warm up cuz it's a good 10degrees warmer then in the house.  When was the last time you took a shower when the bathroom was a sultry 45degrees,hmmmm??

But I have a secret weapon. Ahhh no it's not a "widow maker"
Even this Dweeb knows water and electricity don't mix well!!
Nope my secret weapon even LW is a-lovin though he would deny it if he was asked in public. You know it's one of those big boy things. Oh but I do love it and the bathroom is ever soooooo warm and toasty!!
Isn't she a beaut??!!!

And since we are in hibernation mode around here, the rocking chairs have been getting quite a work out. It's a good thing we have one in every room (well not the bathrooms or kitchen). This is my current favorite corner.
Do you notice the dog crate?? Our bedroom is  rather on the small side and with 4 dogs and crates well... Did you know that they make great end tables?? :)
I light a lovely scented candle and fix a cup of black tea.
I cuddle up in my wonderful soft,warm (handmade in Patzcuaro) wrap that LW gifted me. Then sit and rock while I read a new mystery on the Kindle (another new best friend) or the Jan. issue of Belle Armoire. Which just arrived 4 weeks late, but that's a whole nother story.
Lest you think I am spending my whole day reading, let me assure you that I have been playing at my work bench and sewing table, some... I'll show you the finished creations next time!

Have a most audacious art filled day no matter where you are in the world.   p;)


Charmingdesigns said...

How are you my dear friend. 74 is such a wonderful temp! We do have a small heater in our bathroom.lol
Dean thinks our blossoms are a non bearing pear tree. I plan to buy a lemon tree soon. I'm going to be signing up for Stephanie Lees plaster class, I need to get busy and get some things on etsy! Have a wonderful eve!!

Vitt hus med svarta knutar said...

Hi my sister on the other side of the big sea! How about this...when I woke up today the temperature was -16 C that is 3.2 F. I really do not like it, and I can not find any fun in the snow:-( Here we talk about goose bumps high as mountains...but I know about how different you experience temperature. Once I spent a week in Morocco in February. We were swimming in the sea, sun bathed, walked around in T-shirt and shorts, while the residents had winter clothes on.

I like your favorit corner very much, with the "table" and the nice thing on it.

You can not imagine what nice things I saw on the exhibition, unfortunately you were not allowed to take photos everywhere. About the creations with moss...it is live moss, but I think you can use dry moss if you wet it before to make it soft.

Wish you creative days!

Marty said...

On very cold days here, Hubby goes ice fishing, the crazy man! I stay where it's warm. Coffee shops are my recreation of choice, along with my knitting and my Kindle. Having a friend along is even better. It's 32 F here in Montana tonight-not too different from what you're experiencing.

stregata said...

Winter fun - you mean like shovelling snow and stuff like that?
Keep warm in your cozy little corner. I am dreaming of spring - knowing well that it is still a long way off.

pamq said...

We are on the roller coaster ride of winter here in the Black Hills.

It got close to 50 yesterday and now starting tomorrow, daytime highs in the single digits, nights double digits below zero.


May I borrow your heater?

Marty said...

Pattie, I was just sitting here on my computer listening to the local news. You'll be happy to know that it's -27 in Havre right now. Enjoy the chilly, you could be here in Montana enjoying the dangerously frigid. I wanna be where you are!

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