Thursday, November 18, 2010

And Life Returns to Normal

Yep we made it through the Pro-Mexico Extravaganza!! If this was a crystal ball peek into the future of our little piece of paradise's economical future is in very deep trouble. Warning: I try very hard to present a positive upbeat feeling here in my little corner of Bloglandia. But tonight I really need to get this off my chest, so if you don't want to hear about the part of my life that isn't all about art projects then now would be the time to hit the skip button. 

 Even though we are the resort area considered the first main land stop on the Mexican Riviera we have been some what sheltered from the worse of the economic down turn. Well it took about 2 years to trickle down to us, and boy howdy it's poring!! In a nutshell. This bazaar is the first social event of the season. It's organized by the women in Pro-Mexico, which is a group of the more/most "influential" (read money) of our Mexican business community and foreigner's (mostly snowbirds) As I'm sure you would guess this is a must be seen at event, of who can "afford" to spend freely. It's a ticketed event with tickets costing around
$20(us). You have access to the vendors and brunch. I have been told that the gals are packed bellybutton to bellybutton, that is is one huge feeding frenzy, they will buy everything you can make, that it's as bad as a Macy's basement sale, that they will literally take things out of each others hands. Well not this year, I wouldn't say this was crowded would you??
In years past they would shop right up to brunch being served and as soon as the program and meal were over they were back shopping. The tables were in the center with the vendor tables around the walls. See behind the two ladies in the above pic? The lady in the burnt red top is a buyer and the blue&white top behind her is a vendor. The vendor tables were never even one person deep!! Over on the right in the next picture these gals couldn't even catch a break, and they are selling white elephants that they announced after the first hour were all half price!!
Funny little side note, especially for my Bloglandian family in the northlands. As you can see by the woman in the picture with the purple scarf is dressed for winter :) Yep it's getting down to a frigid 60degrees(f) at night!!! :). Time to dig out the gloves,parkas,scarves and hats!!

This is pretty much what the vendors did a lot of. They all agreed that what few sales they had were for $200mx or less. That's less then $20us!! They were use to having the women spend $200-250 each at their tables!!
Here is sweet little Helena at our table when we had done the final fluffing.
We set my jewelry up on the right side of the table and Casa Etnika's on the left. The heart holding necklaces is mine. When we were setting up we wanted to be sure that none of the fragile pieces were to close to the edge. As Helena said, there is always a problem with stuff being swept off the tables with the crowds of people at the tables. Yep that's Annalise with the angel wings on. She insisted that only she could do justice to the Vestita. :) The heart frame is actually a cheap (less then $2.00us) wire candle stand from the craft store. For clips I sprayed white tiny metal paper clamps, clamped them over the wire and left the metal levers up. The necklaces hung great that way. The other display assistant I had was Santa (that's Spanish for a female saint, not the guy with the reindeer!) Winifred. Isn't she beautiful??!! She has such a perfect patina complexion!! I can only wish that she was a true antique Spanish Santos. But as a made to look antique she is pretty darn convincing. 
As far as our sales went they were as bad as everyone else's. See the two torn silk necklaces with the crosses?? Helena had them priced at about $15us. She had gotten them at a really good price. Well she sold those and a few other inexpensive necklaces. Nothing over $20us.
 Last year in 3 hours she sold almost $2000us, with nothing priced over $100us This year she sold almost $300us, in the same amount of time. As for me, who had nada, nothing, zip under $20us I sold one bracelet one necklace, and the vestita Annalise has on :( And I was darn happy I managed that because they were all  way over $20.
I am very thankful that LW and I don't have to depend, much less live on the sale of my art. But that does not mean that I'm not very frightened and worried about our city and friends, being able to weather this latest blow to it's economic future. Before even when the US tourists quit spending here the community was still able to keep each other alive with doing business with each other. Now the top of the money tree is all but dry. When they do not have the money to pay for services then no one does because they are what initiates the circle. As many of the businesses in the community have whispered, they hope and pray that the millions of pesos Mexico spent on advertising in Europe and other non-north American countries pays off!!! There are many candles being lit with the prayer that this does happen and soon...

Have an audacious art filled day no matter where in the world you are.  p;)


stregata said...

I am so sorry to hear that this event did not turn out as expected. The economy in Europe is starting to pick up again, not in a big way, but enough for people to be more confident in their spending, or so the news says. So, I hope that this general tendency makes itself felt in your little paradise soon.
I know how discouraging it is to be at such an event where business is not moving. Head up, Hermanita! Your setup was beautiful (I am totally in love with your Santa; please don't tell Annalise... although she looked ravishing in her wings and vestita) and I just know things will swing around again.

SummersStudio said...

We can't be bright and cheery all of the time, can we? A show that has those sorts of results is discouraging and the implications are certainly frightening. I did all right over the weekend show, but nothing I had was expensive. Three of the five of us sold nothing at all and all of them usually sell at least one larger piece. Sometimes I feel like I am living in the 80's all over again and sometimes it feels worse. Anyhoo, I am clogging up your blog with negativity when what I really want to do is say we can all pull together and weather this storm together. hugs

Miss Muggins said...

A sign of the times, that is hopefully only temporary. Things deemed not necessary to life, such as crafts, are a casualty of frugal spending, sadly this affects cottage industries that make their living from these ventures.
Hope you are well Aunty Pattie xxx

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi little one, thank you for stopping by and leaving such a sweet message. Well...I left a post not too long ago about this same thing, the economy and what its doing to my loved ones and friends. It was tough to write, letting it all "out there" for blog land. But I think this is what our blogging sisters are all about, support. We are all in this horrible economic situation together, and have never experienced such a time, not in our life times. Things are just tough. It will get better, at some point, and it will all trickle down again, I am hopeful. Hang in there Pattie, what a horrible and disappointing show for you and your friends, the entire community. I fear we are all in for a continued tough ride. But l'm going to strap on my armor and charge into the gloom this summer, come meltdown or not. We have to, right? We can't stop creating, making things that make us smile and make others feel special. This economy will sneak back on little kittens feet when we aren't looking! Thanks for sharing, we all need to share, we're here for you sweet one. Hugs, Riki

Tracy M. said...

Hello there, I just wanted to tell you that we recently went on vacation at Estrella Del Mar there south of Mazatlan. You can see the economic downturn there as well. We have gone every year for the past 4, this year was pretty empty. The employees told us the whole year has been very slow and they were hoping for a good turnout during Semana Santa to make up for it. Things seem to be picking up here a little bit in Colorado I sure hope it trickles down to you too.
Take Care,
Tracy M.

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