Friday, October 22, 2010

How Do You Spell Panic?(BAZAAR!)

So there I was voicing my insecurities for all to see when POOF the whole bloody thing pictures and all disappear!!!! Grrrrr!! More then likely it was an errant finger and not Bloggers fault but since Blogger isn't here to defend it's self "it's all their fault!" 

And what was the soul baring about you might wonder? Nothing really except that panic feeling of not being ready for an event. (you know the first art walk & holiday bazaar) That is not a feeling I have very often. I tend to be the work best under pressure, wait till the last minute, burn the midnight oil, kinda girl. But this time is different. At the end of the day I have that sinking feeling of being one day closer and getting nowhere closer to being ready. It's that panicky feeling I use to have when in college I would wake up from that nightmare of today is the final and I haven't studied! I thought I had pretty much outgrown that & adopted the "no worries it always gets done" frame of mind. Not this time though, and I have to confess it's beginning to eat away at my usual self confidence! I keep having that sick feeling like everyone is going to find out that I have no business swimming in the deep end without my water-wings on!! That my work is merely "bleach bottle art" and doesn't deserve to be in the same show as the professional artists. Jeez this is soooooo unlike me and I'm having a dickens of a time remaining positive on this whole experience!! 

Enough already with  all the "woo is me" malarkey. Here is a necklace and bracelet I DO have ready for the shows. 
The angels are some that we found in San Miguel. I really hit the mother load on them. There were these great looking big ones and baskets full of the small ones. In fact I bought 2kilos (about 4pounds) of them!! :) I now have enough milagros to last 10 life times worth of art work! I'll share pictures next posting. Oh and I'm more then willing to do a bit of trading if anyone is interested. 

Course I did have to add a bit of patina, it is me you after all :)
You know that rash statement I made awhile back about being able to rust anything?? Well I seem to have bragged to soon. Whatever the alloy content is reacts with the iron-filing paint and turns black?? No kidding. SO I'm wondering if I use some polyurethane sealer then apply the iron paint if it will then rust?? What do you guys think?? I know I can't apply any heat cuz the metal melts before it oxidizes!!
I used a nice thickness of vintage brass chain and some smaller round link antiqued brass chain. Since the angel is nice and chunky,ruff cut, rustic looking I rosary-linked nice big rough cut nuggets of garnets. Along with those I used some large round (adds a bit of sophistication;) don't you think?) rhyolite
See those cool looking pewter rose beads?? I found a woman in Santa Clara de Cobre (the copper art center in Mx.) who sold me a couple of broken rosaries. I made a hook with antique brass, and hung a little rhinestone ball, pewter rose, garnet nugget and a little mirror image angel milagro.

I've been thinking that since I have plenty of milagros now I can use them as a sorta signature for my jewelry. Kinda a little reminder that their purchase helps us rescue and care for some of Nature's forgotten miracles!
There isn't to much to say about this bracelet. It's one of those pieces I get asked for once in awhile. You know the new, shiny, clean (sorta boring to my way of thinking) look. Boy do you know how hard it is to not put just a little bit of age on it?? :)
I used some teal and dark green shell pearls that my favorite little German Blog sister-Renate, gifted me. Little round garnets&a bit of silver chain. Then I appeased my addiction by using a (looks hardly worn), vintage silver and brass etched bracelet. ;)
 The center piece is a vintage barrette (I think) with a bit of rhinestone sparkle. It works perfect for a bracelet because it's curve fits a wrist rather nicely!
I have ten pairs of earrings waiting on my work bench to get their hooks made and added. Sooooo I guess I have made some positive progress but will there be enough?? Well if it isn't I can always take orders ;)

Have an audacious art filled day no matter where in the world
 you are  p;)


stregata said...

Love the angels and the rose beads you scored! The angels are just perfect. I think you have combined them wonderfully. I am sure you will have a fantastic collection for your First Friday date!

Grandma Nina said...

Even if you don't have a large quantity, what you have made is very quality! That always shows better in my book. Beautiful work!

SummersStudio said...

That chubbly angel is sweet! I think it's worth a try to seal the metal then use the rust paint on top of that. You'll have plenty and it's great design. I am so jealous that you scored the mother load of milagros!

Vitt hus med svarta knutar said...

I love your necklace with angels, it is very beautiful. Angels are something I have added when my decorating my home. After a long break from making jewelry, I have started again and it is so funny. Actually I have a give-a-away at my blog celebrating my first year of bloging. The first price is a necklace with sweet water pearls and Russian Serpentine and matching earrings. You are welcome to try the luck if you want=)

Have a nice weekend!

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh yes Pattie! These are wonderful. You did a great job, love the angels. Funny about getting ready for shows. I never feel ready, you just have to go with what you have! It will be fine. Everyone will love your work.

And, thanks for stopping by and looking at mine. What kinds words sister, thank you. You always brighten my day. Have a wonderful time at your upcoming show, and just enjoy. Big hug, Riki

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