Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Rainy Season Cometh (soon)

Just a little puddle from one of the tropical storms last year. We are at the tail end of our dry and parched season. But there are a few annoying signs pointing in the direction of the emanate rainy season. The humidity's headed up at full speed. Before to many more days go by, the amount of humidity will be a higher number the the temp. The temperature is still in the pleasant mid eighties. The humidity is also hanging out in the mid 80%. Fans are being pulled out of many ah purse, and since no self respecting man would be caught in public with a FAN  they have a rolled up magazine or newspaper stuck in their back pocket. The "sweat rag" vendors are at the intersections. Huh? Sweat rug?? Oh sure you know yesterday they were washcloths today sweat rags.:) Oh my gosh we all have one either sticking out of a back pocket or ever so daintily folded in a purse. Some people have been seen color matching their  SR to their outfits!!!  But no one leaves the house without one to wipe the sweat .er.. perspiration out of your eyes!! Water bottles and sun hats are seen everywhere. The fruit-water vendors are at all the stoplights selling ice cold half liters of freshly made Jimica, Horchata (rice/sugar water),or water. The tropical depressions are starting to roll in.

Tropical Storm Ida is hanging out in the waters in Southern Mexico on the pacific (our side) side. But the most annoying spot can only be held by the internet & power blip outs. Sometimes we are given a small warning in the form of thunder &or lightening. 
Many times the only warning of impending loss of power/internet or just internet is when the room turns dark to black and the internet connection suddenly disappears. Most of the times the blips last only a few minutes sometimes a bit more. What is ever so annoying is the multiple blips for hours at a time. @#%!!** The internet's gone...nope it's back....nope gone again &%@#&*!! I'm telling you it can make putting together a blog post take all day (and then some) I've been working on this little bitty entry for 2 days now!! I suppose if I didn't insist on loading pictures that would expedite matters. I could get the post all type out then wait for those 3 seconds between blips to hit the send button and hope it gets to where ever it has to go before it's sucked into a black hole
But oh my god how boring is that??? I know the answer to that. I know when I hit a blog that is all words and nary a photo to break things up I can't myself sit and read the whole thing. And I figure I surely can't be the only one out there that feels this way. SO I'm not going to spend days trying to get an entry posted that  bores any unsuspecting reader to death because it consists of only Blah Blah Blah (right Charlie Brown??)

That being said I'm going to try to get a couple of pictures of a little necklace I just finished posted before I hit the send button.

I'm really please about the way it turned out. I think it might just have to live here for awhile
Five mm garnet rondelles With a few blue rhinestone  pieces from a vintage necklace, A nice big garnet nugget for a focal and top it off with a bit of copper wire.  I bent the copper wire around the garnet to sorta frame it. Then attached the ends of the wires and the chain for the garnet to a multiple strand finding ( I'm sure it must have some scientific name?)  from a lovely but woefully out dated ( leaning towards Ugly) vintage rhinestone necklace. Then attached the focal to the necklace with a small lobster claw. That's it hiding under the little piece of sari silk :) I like to use lobster claws on my own pieces because it gives me more options with fewer pieces.

Where the focal attaches to the necklace I placed a couple of faceted rondelle iolites, and hessonite garnets finishing off with a couple more blue rhinestone pieces.
For the back closure I used just a simple lobster claw because I want to focus on the pretties I put at the closure.Since I have short hair I can do a bit of fru fru at the back of necklaces because they can be seen. Besides it's always a bit of an enticement to see what the front of the necklace looks like.  There a nice light uncomplicated necklace for the dog days of summer!
Okay it's now currently 10:12 pm and the little internet symbol thingy is all lit up (yeah!!) So before this chance gets away from me I'm going to wish you guys an audacious art filled day no matter where in the world you are  ;)

PS Cross your fingers and hold on tight to your lucky faux rabbit foot keychain here goes the send butooooooonnn.....


stregata said...

Love the necklace - so inventive, just gorgeous! And that lightning photo - did you take that? WOW.
Sorry about your electricity and the internet connection - it is so frustrating to be disconnected.
Take care and don't let yourself get washed away when the rainy season gets going.
BTW - did my parcel ever make it to your place?

SummersStudio said...

Garnets are my favs! I love anything with garnet and this is a great necklace. I like the option of being able to switch out the pendant.

It may be hot here but at least we don't have that high humidity. I think if I were you I'd be sitting around nearly naked with a damp cloth on my head. Take care and don't get washed away in the rains!

Riki Schumacher said...

Well done Pattie! Way to go on the necklace too, love it. Take care, Riki

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh how my heart aches for you guys. Loosing your sweet dog. I was catching up on your blog. Your life is so interesting. I love how you put your necklace together and have it have so much meaning!!
Do wash away...!

pam q said...

Oooo! I don't know which I love more---the front or the back of your necklace!!!!

I LOVE disco balls........

The whole thing is just great!

Your weather sounds a tad bit too steamy for me!!!!

Cindy said...

Pattie, I hope you're hanging in there with that stormy weather! Wow, it is truly tumultous there...and I'm hoping for you that your internect connection holds out. That must be so frustrating to see it come and go! Your new creation is gorgeous...I love how you combined such beautiful will look so dreamy when worn!

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