Sunday, February 07, 2010

A Couple of Special Gifts

I as of yesterday had not given Martha her Christmas gift.  It's not out of procrastinating (this time), neither one of us had been struck with a divine vision as to the look of the jewelry she wanted. I have a couple of silver "metal" bird charms I had bought when we were in the Northlands. I was playing around with the largest one and some of the antiquing mediums I brought home. There is a kit by the same company that makes the rust anything kit. This kit has either gold or black bronze paint with iron dust. When you add the sulfur type antiquing medium it turns the piece lovely shades of verdigris :)

The perfect shades to use with turquoise beads. Birds, nests, earth colors, hmmm I was beginning to get a stirring of that vision for a gift for the original Earth Mum, founder of a NGO dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of the birds and mammals of the Mexican dry forest.So out came the turquoise and delicate brown striped clay beads, and that ever so cool bronze wire from Vintaj. 


For the clasp I made a wire nest and hook to close just above the focals

I took a vintage watch case of course you realize that Martha tends to be a matching, symmetrical kind of girl, so I had no other choice then to add a bit of verdigris to the case. :) Inside the case I placed the words Rescate (rescue) Rehabilitar (rehabilitate) libertad (liberate), I'd cut from a vintage Spanish dictionary. For the earrings to the set Martha like many women especially Mexican women here,likes to have them match the necklace, I made two teenie tiny nests with tiny pearl "eggs". I used copper as I don't have any 20 or 24 gage bronze wire. Not to worry though they will have a lovely patina within 2 weeks, and will blend with the bronze of the necklace quite nicely :) 


I have to tell you I was a bit apprehensive giving Martha this set. She is somewhat conservative although she is slowly learning to enjoy and wear art jewelry. But there was no need to worry she loves it!! She plans on wearing it Tuesday when she goes to Culiacan as the state representative on President Calderon's ecology & responsible development task force :) 


You guys remember this necklace? I made it for the Art Bead Scene Dec. challenge.


This necklace is what I gave Luci for her Christmas gift. I just didn't have any creative or even boring ideas for earrings. This is an ongoing issue for me. I know how a lot of my bloglandian sisters really enjoy making earrings, and have the most creative and beautiful results. I on the other hand have so much trouble making earrings that are a bit creative and not just stringing a couple of beads on a wire.!! But the other day  I was contemplating the wire coils I made as spacers in Luci's piece. That's when I came up with the idea to incorporate wire coils in earrings. I was pretty darn tickled with the results, but more importantly Luci loves them!! :)

These last 2 pictures are at LW's request. He is always teasing me that I spend as much time on the presentation as I do making the gift ;) Which isn't exactly true, but I do like to put a bit of thought into the first thing someone sees when they receive a gift. Well if truth be told I can not wrap using wrapping paper or paper and gift ribbon. And I really hate having to do it, in fact I'll do anything not to. I use to pay my kids to wrap each others Christmas gifts! :) No it true just ask them. This is the little pouch I made for Luci's present. I made it with a bits of scrap silk & lace. I thought she might enjoy using it as a little stash bag. Besides putting together a presentation is always another chance to make art. And you just can't have to many chances when it comes to making art!!

 I'm off to do a bit of Blog hopping I haven't had time to check in to see what you guys have been up to. ...Remember today is a perfect day to make art no matter where in the world you are  p;)


Cindy said...

Hello Pattie
Son nice checking in with you... you are always making something amazing. Your fingerless gloves the other day are so neat - I especially loved the lace you added (I've never seen any like that!!). What beautiful necklaces...I just know the recipients loved them. The patinas you have been conjuring up are GREAT - you're a Patina Queen! :-)

stregata said...

This post is pure eye candy, my sweet sister-in-art! Love, love the necklace and earrings you made for Martha! (BTW, next time you need copper earrings with patina, use your patina solution. Just the last liquid, without the primer. But use it on the wire, before you add the pearls) And I love the pouch. I just love to hop from one medium to the next...
Wishing you a wonderful day in paradise!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Gifts full of lovliness!

We still have over 2 1/2 feet of snow and it's not going anywhere. Our mail didn't even get delivered on Saturday!

You, LW and the babies of fun have a wonderful week!!

LS, The Commander, The Fur Babies and #2♥♥♥

SummersStudio said...

I do remember that ABS necklace because it so fit the painting. Luci is a lucky woman as is Martha. The thought and sentiment in the necklace is fantastic. Love the verdigris. I also think presentation is very important. It's part of the experience of receiving a gift. You've made a keepsake pouch, I think.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I really love the necklace set you gave Martha. The verdigris is amazing! I like it even better than the rust. Such pretty colors.

Rebecca said...

Just love your style of jewelry! The wire work is great and love the nest as a clasp.
Thank you so much for stopping by, it is so nice to meet you!

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh Patti, what a fabulous post!! Love all the goodies, you have been busy. I'm sorry you didn't win the necklace contest, hopefully next time!! Love your little bird necklace. Take care, enjoy that warm weather! Riki

Vitt hus med svarta knutar said...

Thank you for your invitation;-) I would be more than happy to spend time in a place with more sunhours. Here it is worst in the winter time, during midsummer we have light 24 hour a day.
I love your beautiful jewelry. Sometimes it is a challange to make a special gift to a special person.

pam q said...

LOVE the nest clasp!!!!

What a great idea!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have received so many comments on the bird nest necklace and the earrings.
Last Friday, the undersecretary of the Environment came to a meeting in Mazatlan, related to a large tourist development planned to take place south of Mazatlan and he liked the necklace. I swear I could´ve sold a few pieces had I got them with me.
I was proud to say that it was the work of my friend Pattie and the jewellery was a line called "El Pajarito y el Jaguar" and 100% of the profits were for the wildlife rescue group CONREHABIT.
Still, I managed to get an entepreneur to donate 120 T-shirts for a drawing contest called "let´save our local wildlife", for elementary school kids.

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