Thursday, January 21, 2010

She Was Laid Low :(

Yeppers it's true, a virus has snuck up from behind to invade my body! :( At this point my head and my stomach are in direct competition with each other and I am not a happy girl. So I think I'm going to let LW pamper me with tea, toast and love today, and leave you guys to do the creating part. :)

Oh but I will leave you with a few of my favorite pictures of my little paradise :)

These next two are especially for you Miss LeAnn!! :)

Today is a great day to Create no matter where in the world you are!  p;)


Anonymous said...

hope you get well soon!
love the doggy photo, sweet!

Anonymous said...

The little guys were pooped! They'd spent the day running up and down the beach on Isla de la Piedra. Those little legs just don't last long. Chihuahuas like to form couples, and these two sleep together all of the time.


pam q said...

oh, oh.

Hope you feel better real soon!

Thanks for the sunny pictures---we are to get another foot or so of snow over the next couple of days. {icky, icky}

And those are some awfully cute pups you have!

stregata said...

Hola Hermanita!
Please get well again soon!! I hope it is nothing too serious... Please LW, treat her to lots of love and tea and TLC!!!!
Love your paradise!

SummersStudio said...

Tea, perhaps a hot toddy with lemon? Get well soon and many thanks for the palm trees. It's getting a wee bit warmer here but still bitter in the morning. You little dogs are so sweet!

Narrative jewelry said...

"Go out this body" naughty virus ! we need our friend Pattie !
Hope you feel better the most rapidly you can dear friend. Love your paradise and the two little, so cute.

Vitt hus med svarta knutar said...

Sorry to hear that you are ill, hope you get well soon. Thank you for your kind comment at my blog. Ohh what I long for summer when I see your photo of the sea. Here we have a winter seldom seen. Love you small cute dogs too.

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Oh sweetie! Start feeling better. At least you are in paradise while you're sick but I guess you're always in paradise. Your fur babies are so cute!

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